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Cow Housing equipment for Livestock

  • Showcase

    VistaPre - Model T - Liquid Pre-Treatment for Extracting Energy from Fiber in Animal Feed

    VistaPre-T extracts new value from home grown forage and other fibrous feeds that is currently unavailable through conventional methods of optimizing the ration.

    By Feedworks USA, Ltd. based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • Premium

    PolyDome Milk Master - Model PD-2175 - 36 X 78 X 6 Inch Foot Bath Self Supporting

    What Does A PolyDome Footbath Do? A disinfectant solution (copper sulfate mixed with water) used in the footbath will kill or inhibit bacterial infections such as foot-rot and heel erosion. It penetrates up between toes and cracks, where bacteria inflames the soft skin, and then under the horn lining and inner surfaces of each cleat. By locating ...

    By PolyDome/PolyTank based in Litchfield, MINNESOTA (USA). from Other Livestock Products - Foot Baths Product line

  • Premium

    BESTMIX - Formulation Service

    BESTMIX Formulation as a Service is a revolutionary and award-winning cloud-based collaborative platform that is transforming the information interchange between nutrition experts, plant formulators and the outside world. The platform is extremely beneficial for all parties involved, including dealers, customers and external partners ...

    By Adifo NV based in Maldegem, BELGIUM.

  • Ebbers - Manure Roller- Spreader

    The Spreader is the ideal labour and time saver for the daily spreading in your cow cubicles. With a large hopper capacity of 165 litres, you can easily spread 100 cubicles, you have a broad range of choice in spreads. The machine can process sawdust, lime, crushed straw, crushed coleseed and mixtures of these.

    By Ebbers Metalworks BV based in NETHERLANDS. from Agriculture Product line

  • Agriprom - Gel Mattress

    The rubber is reinforced by a nylon layer so the mat remains its size no matter what temperature. It is a seamless and waterproof layer which provides better hygiene ad easier cleaning. The thickness is 4.5mm which ensures a comfortable laying area with optimal grip because of its special hammer profile. The Gelmattress contains a 40mm under layer ...

    By Agriprom BV based in Nieuwleusen, NETHERLANDS. from Cow Comfort - Cow Mattresses Product line

  • Agriprom - Model 18/1 - Rubber Flooring Comfortmat

    We use the best rubber to make our Comfortmat 18/1 resistant to all conditions indoors and outdoors. The 1mm grooves provide drainage and extra flexibility to the mat. The hammer profile ensures good grip and makes it easy to clean. The innovative surface design provides good grip and keeps the mat dry and easy to clean. The Comfortmat® 18/1 ...

    By Agriprom BV based in Nieuwleusen, NETHERLANDS. from Cow Comfort - Rubber Flooring Product line

  • Ultima - Cow Cubicles

    The Ultima is our best selling and most highly recommended cubicle loop, the unique shape of our Ultima maintains the same high head rail position of the Supreme but with the added option to raise the rail still further if necessary. By dropping the lower support rail closer to the bed we have further increased the lunge zone for the cow ...

    By IAE based in Stoke-on-Trent, UNITED KINGDOM. from Agricultural Product line

  • TenCate - Flooring Components for Livestock Farming

    In cooperation with specialists in the dairy farming industry, TenCate has developed several components for low emission Freestall Flooring Systems and for Slats such as filtering components and reinforced membranes for liquid storage. Low emission freestalls are increasing cow comfort and animal welfare. Low emission floors are separating the ...

    By TenCate Geosynthetics Netherlands bv based in Hengelo, NETHERLANDS. from Livestock Farming Solutions Product line

  • Model AL2007 Series - Light Barns Fixture

    The fixtures of the AL2007-Serie are especially developed to light barns up to 24 meters wide, with only one row of fixtures. The use of only one row of fixtures causes lower installation and maintenance costs compared with more traditional barn lighting.

    By Agrilight B.V. based in TZ Monster, NETHERLANDS. from Cattle Product line

  • Lely - Model L4C - Light for Cows

    Good lighting in the barn has been shown to enhance cows’ productivity. With Lely Light for Cows (L4C) you can set up an efficient light plan, giving you the right light intensity in the barn 16-18 hours a day. More light stimulates the cows’ activity. It also has a positive influence on fertility and on the growth of your young ...

    By Lely based in MAASSLUIS, NETHERLANDS. from Housing and Caring Product line

  • Fixing Systems

    Stall equipment consists of universal fixing systems and separators which allow fixing them without using welding. Mounting of separators can be carried out on bearing poles (pillars) or on two horizontal 2” pipes using special clamps for pipes and pipe connections and collar clamps. One-sided or two-sided disposition of boxes is available.

    By Variant Agro Build LTD (VAB) based in Kharkov, UKRAINE. from Cow Equipment Product line

  • JHminiStrø - Separated Manure Solids

    Separated or dried manure solids is a new interesting alternative to the already known bedding materials available for cow stables. Manure solids have the same advantages as sand – a flexible and steady bed that is formed after the cow. Manure solids let the cow rest and thus contributes to good health. Distributing dried manure solids ...

    By JH Agro A/S based in Holstebro, DENMARK. from JH Automatic Bedding and Feeding Technology Product line

  • Legend - Soft Bed Mat

    No thin top cover to break down and tear. Specialized urethane foam underlay which does not pack over time like crumb filled beds. Fully molded and reinforced top mat for stability and added hygiene. Simple and fast installation.

    By Legend Rubber Inc. based in Tillsonburg, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Stall Mats/Cow Beds Product line

  • Agriprom Release - Flexible Freestall

    The spacious area at the front of the cubicle means the cow has plenty of room for natural movement when she lies down or stands up. This puts the cow at ease in the cubicle. The Release™ is a unique stall divider and easy to install in both new and old barns. With the Release™ the cow is guided by the flexible tubes to lie down ...

    By Agriprom BV based in Nieuwleusen, NETHERLANDS. from Cow Comfort - Cubicles Product line

  • Model Auto-ID - Feed Controllers

    The Davlec in-parlour auto-id system provides a cost effective solution to automatic parlour feeding without compromising on quality and reliability.

    By Davlec Ltd based in Welshpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Agricultural- Feed Controllers Product line

  • Promat - Model Mat™ - Pasture Mat System

    For the industry’s most proven product, the Pasture Mat™ is the solution for you – as it has been for over 3 million cows worldwide. Mimics a natural pasture. Requires minimal bedding. Provides stable footing. Durable and shock-absorbent.

    By Promat Inc. based in Woodstock, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Cow Comfort Products Product line

  • Sperotto - Cow Sheds

    Sperotto provide the clients with different types of prefabricated sheds for livestock, from the simplest to the most complex ones, of any dimension. Our prefabricated sheds are manufactured with great attention to every detail and are very easy and fast to be assembled. Our prefabricated sheds are very easy and fast to be assembled. Our ...

    By Sperotto S.p.a. based in Sandrigo, ITALY. from Prefabricated Livestock Sheds Product line

  • AutoVent - Model Captain 6 - Understand Touch Screen

    The Captain6 offers a easy to understand touch screen to control the fan circuits in your dairy barn. It comes with a temperature probe to control any combination of your ventilation equipment. The optional 2nd temperature sensor allows your curtains to be in 2 different zones. Rain detection keeps the stallbeds dry. The humidity sensor allows ...

    By AutoVent LLC based in Oley, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Turner - Individual Release Parallel Stalls

    Turner Individual Release Parallel Stalls provide the same strength and durability as our Standard Stall but offer the added bonus of individually releasing cows. This is an ideal stall option for special needs or large parlors that must give care to individual cows. The Individual Release Stall was also designed with cow comfort and flow in mind.

    By Turner Inc. based in Gooding, IDAHO (USA). from Parallel Parlors Product line

  • LAKTO - Animal Itching Brush

    The rotating cow brush is designed to improve cow's health, peace and well-being. The brush that begins to rotate on the surface is a revolution for cow's health and comfort. Cows that relax with an itch brush that do not take up much space in the barn give more milk. The cylindrical brush, which is suitable for wall mounting, provides ease of ...

    By LAKTO Dairy Technologies based in İzmir, TURKEY. from Stable Equipment Product line

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