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  • Happy cows = better milk producers - Case Study

    Recycling areas: TyreVarious scrapCompany name: Erri-Comfort A/S (Danish Genetics A/S)Located: Skærbæk, DanmarkErri-Comfort A/S was founded by veterinarians specialised in diseases of cattle. They aim at preventing diseases and improve production in dairy herds. They produce a great par


  • Combining Tradition and Innovation - A Mind for Change

    Petra Skarja, author and entrepreneur, has visited the place where tradition is intertwined with the most advanced technology. Antique buildings and cutting-edge measuring instruments. Simplicity, homeliness, and at the same time ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Mini Dipper

    Mini Dipper

    An alternative version of the popular Original No.1 Non Return DipCup™, the MiniDipper™ (part number ADC/125) has a 15ml Dip Cup capacity to suit smaller teated animals.