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Grasslands equipment for Livestock

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    Garmach - Mechanical Weeder (Harrows)

    Weeder (harrow) is designed for cultivation of arable fields – destroying weeds and soil crust in culivation of cereals, potatoes, corn, beet, rape, etc. especially on organic farms. Weeder harrow is also used for harrowing grasslands – raking out sod and leveling molehills what accelerates the growth.

    By Garmach based in Gluszyca, POLAND. from Mechanical Weeders and Harrows Product line

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    KAHL - Green Forage

    A special field of application for KAHL presses are drying plants for green forage. The voluminous, chopped dried forage can be processed directly into pellets or grass cobs, which offer great advantages especially in animal nutrition.

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG based in Reinbek, GERMANY. from Industries - By-Product Processing Product line

  • Quad-X - Model Xterminator 2 - Automatic Weed Wiper

    The Quad-X Xterminator 2 has all the features of the Wipeout 2 however instead of the automatic chemical application system it has a manual application system, so the user controls the chemical application themselves.

    By Quad-X based in County Antrim, UNITED KINGDOM. from Weed Wipers Product line

  • Univac Suction Sampler

    Petrol driven portable suction sampler weighing only 11Kg. Designed for effective sampling in crops, grasslands, scrublands, forests and is also suitable for grain sampling. It incorporates the advantages of electronic ignition, protected silencer and 4-stage turbine achieving performance up to 150 inches of water at the sampling point. Back pack ...

    By Burkard Scientific (Sales) Ltd based in Uxbridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Air & Crop Sampling Product line

  • KRM - Model L2/L2W Trend - Fertiliser Spreaders

    Developed from many years of practical experience in cooperation with farmers all over the world the KRM L2 and L2W (weigh cell fitted)Trend spreader is ideally suited to the arable and grassland farmer. It features extensive use of stainless steel as well as many other innovate features and is available in capacities of 1150, 1600, and 2050 ...

    By Keith Rennie Machinery Ltd based in Boroughbridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Fertiliser Spreaders Product line

  • IGnite - Crop Nutrition

    lGnite is a unique crop nutrition product with specially designed formulation to provide efficient uptake of nutrients. A patent pending technology is incorporated to significantly increase Mg and Fe utilisation enhancing photosynthetic rate resulting in increased sugar production turned into yield.

    By Crop Intellect Ltd based in Lincoln, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Native Grasses

    Recent years have seen an explosion in the installation of Native Grass as awareness grows of the impacts of urban development on our indigenous landscapes. With large areas of native vegetation and grasses lost under development or replaced with exotic grasses, demand for native grass solutions has resulted in seed demand often outstripping ...

    By Ecodynamics based in Keilor East, AUSTRALIA. from Hydroseeding Product line

  • CombCut - Weed Management System

    CombCut is a mechanical and selective weedcutter developed to comb Your crop and cut weeds in cereals, grassland and and other similar crops. Without herbicides you can use CombCut to weed crops when:

    By Lyckegård Group AB based in Karlskrona, SWEDEN.

  • Agriculture Perlite

    Perlite with a total porosity above 90% and a porosity of about 60% provides soil aeration and regulates drainage. Perlite with a total porosity above 90% and a porosity of about 60% provides soil aeration and regulates drainage. Perlite increases infiltration, reduces evaporation. Provides economy in irrigation.

    By Europer Perlite based in TURKEY.

  • OPICO - Model Air 8 - Grass Seeders

    Whether you are over-seeding or re-seeding pastures OPICO have a seeder to suit the job. The AIR 8 seeder is designed to fit directly onto an OPICO Grass Harrow. The seeder accurately meters and distributes the seed evenly across the width of the machine whilst the Grass Harrow opens up the soil and creates a tilth and then covers in the seed ...

    By OPICO Limited based in Lincolnshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from OPICO Machinery - Grassland Machinery Product line

  • Fleming - Model 4246 - Compact Land Rollers

    Flemingʼs have been manufacturing landrollers for over 40 years, resulting in a wealth of technical experience in this field.

    By Fleming Agri-Products Ltd based in Northern Ireland, UNITED KINGDOM. from Land Rollers Product line

  • EUROPROFI - Silage Loader Wagons

    Power requirement 130 to 220 hp - volume 25 to 32 m³

    By PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH based in Grieskirchen, AUSTRIA. from Grassland- Silage Loader Wagons Product line

  • Model 2,4 D - Amine Salt

    Selective, systematic, post-emergent herbicide. It primarily kills most terrestrial and aquatic broadleaf weeds by causing uncontrolled growth in them, but leaves most grasses such as cereals, lawn turf, and grassland relatively unaffected.

    By Terrastek (Shenzhen) Ltd based in Shenzhen, CHINA. from Herbicides Product line

  • Cannabis Greenhouses

    Developed in the late 1980s by a plant scientist, Solexx is a grower’s favorite because it creates the perfect conditions for cannabis. In her book, “Grassland,” H. Lee visually documents the images of Northern California’s Emerald Triangle, including a hillside covered in coastal fog that represents the ideal environment ...

    By Adapt8 Inc based in Salem, OREGON (USA).

  • Mowing Machines

    The 9GN series Rotary Slasher are suitable for cleaning and slashing of bush and grassland, as well as improving of uneven ranch. This sort of slasher is simple in construction, durale in service, adjustable in cutting height. And excellent in working performance. They are more ideal agricultural machine used for grass slashing and ranch cleaning.

    By Yucheng Dadi Machinery Co., Ltd based in Shandong, CHINA. from Mower Product line

  • Euroject Combi - Model 4500 - Grassland Injectors

    Unique combination: Row-fertilizer and sod slurry injector in one. The Euroject Veenhuis Combi 4500 is a fertilizer which serves two purposes, namely slurry injection and row fertilization. The Euroject Combi 4500 is designed for row fertilization at a row distance of 75 cm when fertilizing on 9.5 cm on both sides of ...

    By Veenhuis Machines B.V. based in Raalte, NETHERLANDS. from Injectors Product line

  • Grassland Injector

    Grassland injectors are equiped with 410 Ø disks mounted on an individual support with articulation providing for following ground variations and guarantying correct injection of fertilizing materials. Two models are available at 2,5 m and 5 m with 12 and 19 elements.

    By MAUGUIN CITAGRI based in Berthevin, FRANCE. from Spreading Equipments Product line

  • Vredo - Model ZB3 - Slurry Injectors for Contractors

    Fertilising grassland is not just a matter of the largest capacity and the fastest speed. The quality of the fertilisation also determines the result. That is why it is now a good idea to become acquainted with the unique Vredo dual disc system. The Vredo system has independent suspension and thus has perfect ground contour following. This unique ...

    By Vredo Dodewaard B.V. based in Dodewaard, NETHERLANDS. from Slurry Injectors Product line

  • Gromix - Soil Roller

    GROMIX soil roller can be used boldly for cultivation after the harvest, in a purpose of speeding up: the decay process of straw residues and the seed germination.These machines are also utilized on grassland.

    By P.P.H. Agro-Factory II based in Kutno, POLAND. from Agricultural Machinery - Soil Rollers Product line

  • Fleming - Model AR10 - Grassland Aerator

    The standard Fleming grassland aerator is available in 1.5m, 2.5m & 3m working widths.

    By Fleming Agri-Products Ltd based in Northern Ireland, UNITED KINGDOM. from Grassland Aerators Product line

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