Livestock Handling

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  • Steel Jack Fence
    Showcase Product

    Steel Jack Fence

    By Bison Pipe & Supply

    Bison Pipe and Supply Steel Jack Fence was designed to meet government needs and now available to the public.

  • Portable Corrals & Carriers
    Showcase Product

    Portable Corrals & Carriers

    By Winkel Manufacturing

    Winkel portable corrals with loading chute, panels, panel carriers and related accessories are constructed with thought, ingenuity and craftsmanship that only years of experience allow.  These everyday tools of the ...

  • Cattle Squeeze Chute
    Showcase Product

    Cattle Squeeze Chute

    By Tuff Livestock Equipment

    Cattle squeeze chute with parallel axis sides squeeze evenly so cattle is not pushed over. Tuff Self-Catch head gate (spring-cushioned) with neck extender. Chute has built in Tuff Bi-Fold gate and Tuff palpation cage ...

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    The Western European Loess Belt

    This book deals with the early history of agriculture in a defined part of Western Europe: the loess belt west of the river Rhine. It is a ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Hutchison Incorporated

    Hutchison Incorporated

    Founded 1952 in Manchester, Iowa, Hutchison Incorporated operates manufacturing and distribution companies in the Midwestern and Western Regions of ...

  • Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment

    Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment

    Since 1945, the Tarter family has manufactured high quality products that are trusted by ranchers and farmers across the world. Tarter Farm and Ranch ...

  • Tuff Livestock Equipment

    Tuff Livestock Equipment

    Comte Industries was founded in the early 1980`s by Alain Comte. The company manufactures Livestock Equipment and Hopper Bottom Cones. The cones are ...

  • Rancher


    At Rancher we have over 40 years experience in designing livestock handling yards, coupled with a lifetime experience in livestock farming. The ...

  • Titan West Inc

    Titan West Inc

    Linn Enterprises, Inc., began some 32 years before and, was initially founded by a group of 12 area businessmen. These investors organized the ...