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  • Self Catch Head Gate
    Showcase Product

    Self Catch Head Gate

    By Tuff Livestock Equipment

    Quickly and easily adjusted. Automatic / self-catch (when the cow goes through, the head gate resets itself). Operates from either side to accommodate a left or right handed person. Adjustable from 4″ to ...

  • Cattle Squeeze Chute (SC1)
    Showcase Product

    Cattle Squeeze Chute (SC1)

    By Tuff Livestock Equipment

    Cattle squeeze chute with parallel axis sides squeeze evenly so cattle is not pushed over. Tuff Self-Catch head gate (spring-cushioned) with neck extender. Chute has built in Tuff Bi-Fold gate and Tuff palpation cage ...

  • Head Gate Assist
    Showcase Product

    Head Gate Assist

    By Tuff Livestock Equipment

    Manual assist to close Head Gate. Locks in bars for passive animals. Lever near rear to stay out of sight. Usable from either side. Available for: Tuff Squeeze Chute, Tuff Maternity Pen.

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    The Western European Loess Belt

    This book deals with the early history of agriculture in a defined part of Western Europe: the loess belt west of the river Rhine. It is a ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Tuff Livestock Equipment

    Tuff Livestock Equipment

    Comte Industries was founded in the early 1980’s by Alain Comte. The company manufactures Livestock Equipment and Hopper Bottom Cones. The cones are ...

  • Cattleac Cattle Equipment & Acc. Inc.

    Cattleac Cattle Equipment & Acc. Inc.

    At Cattleac Cattle Equipment we have more than 30 years of combined experience designing and manufacturing Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes and Working ...

  • Uniblock

    A chance meeting of a US inventor, with a patent for hardening molasses, and one of Ireland`s leading mineral nutritionists lead to the setting up of ...

  • Daniels Manufacturing Co.

    Daniels Manufacturing Co.

    Located in the Sandhills of Nebraska, Daniels Manufacturing Co. has been manufacturing the worlds finest livestock handling equipment since ...

  • MarWeld Inc

    MarWeld Inc

    MarWeld manufactures and distributes a variety of sheep, goat and other livestock equipment, including hay feeders, creep feeders, penning and ...