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Manure Application equipment for Livestock

  • SwingMax - Model 36 - Manure Dribble Hose System

    Impact and flexibility with working widths of up to 36 metres. Use 36 metre traffic lanes with maximum impact for applying liquid manure. SwingMax 36 advances to a new dimension of liquid manure application. For the first time, it's now possible to spread organic fertiliser evenly at a working width of 36 metres. This makes it possible to use the ...

    By Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau GmbH based in Essen Oldb., GERMANY. from Manure Spreading Technology Product line

  • Piadin - Liquid Manure Refiner Organic Fertilisers

    With PIADIN it is possible to spread organic fertilisers early on while it is still cool and wet without the risk of N-losses from the nitrate form. The addition of PIADIN makes it possible to combine part applications. The delayed nitrate formation allows you to spread the complete quantities of liquid manure or digestate on a single date ...

  • Struvite - Phosphate and Nitrate

    Struvite is a substance which is produced from a combination of Mg(OH)2 and phosphate, and is formed as a slowly growing crystal. This process can be used to obtain phosphate from waste water (dephosphation) and from manure, by creating struvite and removing this from such materials. Struvite therefore contains magnesium and phosphate and is thus ...

    By Abucon BV based in Bemmel, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model 7R Series - Tractors

    210 to 290 engine hp. The New 7R Series Tractors have high power density because of their low overall machine weight and high horsepower rating. Couple that with the new FT4 engine and the efficiency features found on IVT and new e23™ transmissions, and theses tractors are an excellent choice in transport applications such as silage or ...

    By Lawrence Tractor Co., Inc. based in Visalia, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Agricultural Equipment/Tractors Product line

  • N-Fix - Natural Organic Neem Seed Fertilizer

    N-Fix is capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen for the plant.It has an associative symbiotic relation with graminaceous plants thereby making available atmospheric nitrogen (30-50% of N requirement) to the various crops.It secretes ammonia in the rhizosphere in the presence of root exudates, which helps nutrient uptake by plants, thereby ...

    By Nico Orgo USA, Inc. based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • P-Sol - Phosphate Solubilizing Liquid Fertilizer

    Phosphorus is one of the major plant nutrients dominant in alkaline soils, a greater part of soil phosphorus (95 – 99%) is present in an insoluble form and hence is unavailable to the plant. Phosphate solubilizing microorganisms are capable of solubilizing Ca, Al, Fe phosphates as well as rock phosphates and mineralizing organic phosphorus, ...

    By Nico Orgo USA, Inc. based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model NT 8000i - Loop Rate Control System

    The NT 8000i is a closed loop rate control system for hydraulically driven apron floor systems on manure spreaders that provides precision guidance and prescription based control of the spreading rate.  The unique feature of the NT 8000i is a weight based self-calibration and calibration-check system that continuously monitors and readjusts ...

    By Digi-Star - Topcon Agriculture based in Fort Atkinson, WISCONSIN (USA). from Indicators Product line

  • Murray - Model Series 05 - Pastureland Harrow System

    The Murray Pastureland Harrow System is recommended for pasture establishment, maintenance and renovation applications. Ideal for breaking down and distributing animal manures and other organic matter evenly across the whole pasture, using a Series 05 will encourage pasture growth. This light duty harrow is suitable generally for pasture areas of ...

    By Murray Agricultural Equipment based in Dandenong, AUSTRALIA. from Harrow Systems - Pasture Product line

  • DM - Low Level Spread Bars

    The DM low level spread bar was designed with simplicity and durability in mind for use in liquid pork or cow manure. Available in galvanized or painted, an ease for cleaning. For safety, all low level spread bar wings are equipped with a breakaway bolt action hinge. A spread pattern of up to 35 ft. can be attained with optional adaptability of a ...

    By DM Machinery based in St-Simon, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Northern-Trailer - Manure Tankers

    Pull-Type or Truck Mount.

    By Northern Trailer based in Ringle, WISCONSIN (USA). from Tankers Product line

  • VTI - Manure Injection Systems

    We manufacture complete manure injection systems that are 100% tailored to our clients needs. We pride ourselves on being second to none, and on paying an extremely high attention to detail. If you can dream it, we can build it.

    By Vertical Till Injector LLC (VTI) based in Washington, INDIANA (USA).

  • MEPROZET - Model PN - 20 / 2 - Slurry Tankers

    CHASSIS: Slurry tanker PN-20/2 is designed as self-supporting tank, mounted on a single-axle chassis. TANK: A steel, hot galvanized tank has internal strengthening rings. Closed rear head with a Ø 420 mm hatch. Sight-glasses are mounted on the front head. COMPRESSOR: As a standard JUROP PN 45M compressor is mounted on the drawbar.

    By MEPROZET Kościan S.A. based in Kościan, POLAND. from Slurry Tankers Product line

  • Farmstar - Top Kick Splash Manure Injection Toolbar

    For top application, this bar offers a wide coverage area of 35′ and minimal splash height for minimized odor.

    By Bazooka Farmstar based in Washington, IOWA (USA). from Manure Injection Product line

  • PCE - Dragline System

    The most efficient and environmentally friendly way to utilize animal manure as a natural fertilizer to grow crops.

    By Puck Custom Enterprises, Inc. based in Manning, IOWA (USA).

  • Cornell - Cutter Pumps

    Cornell’s cutter pump solutions were created to address the urgent need of reducing clogging due to ragging. With the increased use of ‘flushable’ materials and extraneous cleaning products, the issue of clogging leading to downtime, pump destruction, and pipe damage, has increased markedly. Useful in municipal, agricultural, and ...

    By Cornell Pump Company based in Clackamas, OREGON (USA). from Other Pumps Product line

  • Cadman - Continuous Manure Applicator (CMA)

    Side-Dress Liquid Manure With Hard Hose Row Crops During The Growing Season. Cadman has taken a concept brought forward by the Alig brothers of Ohio to design, build and market a new Continuous Manure Applicator (CMA) which is engineered to apply liquid manure via side-dress to row crops such as corn in fields as long as a ½ mile. The Alig ...

    By Cadman Power Equipment Ltd. based in Courtland, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Manure Equipment Product line

  • Technologies for Poultry

    The requirements for poultry farms and creating optimal conditions have fundamentally changed in the past couple of years. Without new technologies and modern approaches you cannot guarantee the high efficiency of farms. Therefore, the company BAUER TECHNICS uses the latest scientific knowledge and farmers experience from around the world. Modern ...

    By Bauer Technics a.s. based in Stádlec, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Poultry Product line

  • RADIUM - Model 55 & 60 - Silage Wagon

    Bigger forage harvesters and longer distances require larger silage wagons. The answer: RADIUM 55 and 60.

    By Kaweco based in Zevenaar, NETHERLANDS. from Silage Transport Product line

  • NTH - Multi-Depth Vertical PTO Pump

    The Most Flexible Vertical Pump. Trailer Frame for Easy Mobility. Services 6' to 14' Pit Depths. Custom Build Options for all your Custom Needs.

    By NTH Inc based in Barron, WISCONSIN (USA). from Vertical PTO Pumps Product line

  • Cross - Single-Axis Non-Recessed Slurry Tanker

    The Cross slurry tanker range is manufactured in capacities from 1150 gallons (5,228 litres) to 6,000 gallons (27,277 litres) to cover a wide range of farming needs. Slurry tanker can be built to your specifications giving you the benefits of the Cross flexible manufacturing process.Cross slurry tankers are manufactured using 6mm high quality ...

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