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Rendering equipment for Livestock

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    Joraform - Model JK125/JK270/JK400 - Composting Machine

    JK125/270/400 has been tested and evaluated in a project comprising 466 households in small houses and blocks of flats and day nurseries. The results have proved most satisfactory as has been shown in the Report No. 4229 by the Swedish Authority for Environment Conservation.

    By Joraform AB based in Laholm, SWEDEN.

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    Inciner8 - Sheep & EWE Incinerators

    With landfill and rendering costs growing at an alarming rate the idea of self-owning a small capacity lamb incinerator for your own use is becoming more and more viable – especially now with our competitive range of finance options available.

    By Inciner8 Limited based in Southport, UNITED KINGDOM. from Animal Incinerator Product line

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    Model CL 600 - Versatile Exhaust Air Chimney

    The versatile exhaust air chimney with a unique design. The CL 600 exhaust air chimney has an aerodynamic shape and ensures optimum ventilation conditions. The chimney is made of polypropylene, has a smooth, dirt-repelling surface and is insensitive to sunlight and frost. The chimney can easily be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner.

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Exhaust Air Chimneys Product line

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    Inciner8 - Cattle Incinerators

    Bio security is of utmost importance in the cattle industry. A number of high profile outbreaks in recent years has started to shift opinions on managing your own fallen livestock. With landfill and rendering costs still growing now is the time to consider self-owning an incinerator for your own use – especially now with our competitive ...

    By Inciner8 Limited based in Southport, UNITED KINGDOM. from Animal Incinerator Product line

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    Elgin - Model ESS-1842BD - Food Rendering Centrifuges

    Rendering is a process that converts waste animal tissue into stable, value-added materials. Edible rendering processes are basically meat processing operations and produce lard or edible tallow for use in food products. Edible rendering is generally carried out in a continuous process at low temperature (less than the boiling point of water). The ...

    By Elgin Separation Solutions based in Stafford, TEXAS (USA). from Decanter Centrifuges - Low-Speed Decanter Centrifuge Product line

  • MUST - Model 3W LED - Candle Light

    Input Voltage 85-264 V (AC) Power 3w (1 X 3 W) Luminous Flux 150-200 Lm Qty Of Led 1 Pcs Emitting Color White - Warm White Color Temperature 2700-12000 K Color Rendering Property >80 Ra Net Weight 47g Size 36x140 mm Lifespan 30 000 hrs Different models, colors and base type is available.

    By MUST sarl based in Beirut, LEBANON. from LED Lighting Product line

  • Red Meat Rendering

    One (1) red meat rendering plant. cap. ± 9 MT per shift of 8 hrs. Bath cooker: 5.400 liters. Capacity: ± 3 MT of mixed waste. Batch time: ± 3 hours.

    By TransNational Agri Projects b.v based in Kortgene, NETHERLANDS. from Rendering Equipment Product line

  • Paulo - Cryogenic and Deep Freezes

    Typically occurring between the quenching and tempering processes, deep and cryogenic freezing helps to eliminate the presence of retained austenite in metal, meaning austenite not transformed during the quenching process. Bringing such parts to extremely low temperatures (around -100 to -120 degrees Fahrenheit) in deep freezes helps to transform ...

    By Paulo based in St. Louis, MISSOURI (USA). from Paulo Heat Treating Equipment Product line

  • Convex - Feed Mills

    Continuous intensification of production requires modern technological solutions and high-performance equipment for the production of animal feed. High-quality balanced animal feed is the basis for increasing the productivity of domestic animals and poultry. We offer a wide range of animal feed equipment from leading manufacturers. Our program ...

    By Convex International GmbH based in Cologne, GERMANY. from Grain Drying Equipment Product line

  • Rendering Equipment

    We offer an extensive range of Rendering Equipment to our customers, from batch Cookers to Disc Dryers, we have a range of products that have a proven track record in the Rendering and Food Processing industries throughout Europe.

    By Wykes Group based in Rushden, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wykes Engineering Product line

  • Pro-Flex - Model 120B - 10` Contour Finishing Mower

    The Pro-Flex 120B by Progressive Turf Equipment is the most widely used pull-behind contour finishing mower in the market. First introduced to the golf industry in 1999, the Pro-Flex 120 has become the 'go-to' contour and rough mower due to its reliability, its 10' wide uniform cut, and its versatility. Although well regarded as a rough mower, the ...

    By Progressive Turf Equipment Inc based in Seaforth, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Superintendent Series Product line

  • FOSS - Model DS2500 F - NIRS Feed Analyser

    The NIRS DS2500 F is a monochromator-based NIR reflectance and transflectance analyser. With a scanning range of 850 – 2500 nm, it gives you stable and reliable results when measuring feed and forage samples in ground or unground form. Team up with FOSS to unleash the true potential of NIR technology.

    By FOSS based in Hilleroed, DENMARK. from Feed and Forage Product line

  • AGRIPUL - Electrical & Tractor Double Auger Feed Mixer

    The purpose of the machine is rendering different feed materials into a homogenous mixture and distributing this mixture to the stock in an evenly order. The digestion of the blended feed is rather easier and it is more nutritious. A apparent increase may be obtained in the milk and meat productivity of the stock. The feed that is prepared in the ...

    By Agripul Agricultural Machinery Co based in Konya, TURKEY. from Feed Mixing Machines Product line

  • Byo-Gon - Model PX-109 - Biostimulants

    Bountiful harvests await the home gardener who uses ByoSoil products to improve soil health, and subsequently, the quality of garden production. The ability to increase nutrient uptake by plants is enhanced by the combination of the three unique technologies of ByoSoil products.

    By Byo-Gon, Inc. based in Charleston, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Gardening Product line

  • Prehogor - Raw Material Process System

    The Prehogor is designed for the size reduction of quartered carcasses and all sorts of bones and offal of red meat products. For the size reduction of whole carcasses check our Precrushor.

    By Mavitec Group based in Heerhugowaard, NETHERLANDS. from Rendering Equipment - Raw Material Section Product line

  • Dupps Discor - Disc Dryer

    Disc Dryers (Dupps Discor) are used for the continuous drying process of meat, bones, offal and blood. The purpose of the Disc Dryer in the rendering process is to dry the product. If your company requires high capacities, low energy input and the best possible end product the Disc Dryer is the perfect solution for you!

    By Mavitec Group based in Heerhugowaard, NETHERLANDS. from Rendering Equipment - Processing Section Product line

  • Mavitec - Batch Cooker

    Batch cookers are used for the batch cooking process as described in the processing section. The purpose of the batch cooker in the rendering process is to condition, sterilize,hydrolyze and dry the product. If your company renders white meat (poultry), red meat,feathers, blood or a mixture of ...

    By Mavitec Group based in Heerhugowaard, NETHERLANDS. from Rendering Equipment - Processing Section Product line

  • Multicrop - Row Crop Cultivator

    Sturdy and versatile cultivator for cultivating row crops. In recent years abandoned, cultivating now finds its place again in crop management. Demands made on farmers with regards to environment have rendered cultivating interesting. Cultivating presents numerous interests, not just economical but also agricultural and environmental.

    By Monosem based in LARGEASSE, FRANCE. from Cultivator Range Product line

  • Delvotest - Model SP-NT - Broad Spectrum Antibiotic Test Kit

    This is the broad spectrum antibiotic test most widely used by all UK milk processors. Only Delvotest SP-NT is used to check every UK farm tank at least once a week by milk purchasers for quality payment purposes. It is also by far the most popular amongst dairy farmers – often referred to as the ‘Gold Standard of antibiotic ...

    By Millwood Products based in Priston Bath, UNITED KINGDOM. from Antibiotic Tests Product line

  • Mepu - Model K Series - Mobile Dryers

    K series mobile dryers — for cost-effective and efficient grain drying. K series mobile dryers by Mepu are cost-effective, efficient, and quickly deployable warm air-drying units. The mobile dryer is easily movable from one place to another. K-series mobile dryers are equipped with ridged drying cells, elevator, pre-cleaner, furnace, a ...

    By Mepu Oy based in Yläne, FINLAND. from Mobile Dryers Product line

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