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  • Production equipment process of pig manure powder organic fertilizer

    1. Introduction to the organic fertilizer production line: the organic fertilizer production line is a kind of equipment that takes the excrement of chicken, pig, cattle and sheep as the main raw material, adds quantitative nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other substances, and uses rice bran, yeast, soybean meal and sugar fermentation for some time a


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  • High Quality Silage Bagging Baler Machine

    High Quality Silage Bagging Baler Machine

    The HBA-B60 bagging baler machine comes the 30 tons pressing force for the side ram and 35 tons for the rear pressing tam,total pressing froce is 60 tons. the bale size is 600*400*300mm.the bale weight is 25-30kgs. while the bales ejected out into bags directly. we sold this model for some customers who recycling rice husk. and get the good reputation from them.