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Anglesey up with Wales` best

Waste management firm Verdant has helped the Isle of Anglesey to “achieve the second best recycling rate in Wales”.

Speaking about Anglesey residents, Verdant managing director Roger Edwards said: “Without their sustained support and  interest in recycling, these results just wouldn’t have been possible.”

Data released by the Welsh Assembly for the year 2009/09 shows that out of 22 local authorities in Wales, Anglesey achieved the largest percentage increase in recycling and composting (nine per cent), and was the second highest performing authority overall with a 44 per cent recycling and composting rate.

In 2008/09, Anglesey reduced its residual waste per person by six per cent and recycled and composted 18,935 tonnes. The top recycling rate among Welsh local authorities was Ceredigion with 46 per cent.

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