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Quality compost’s business potential tested on roofs


Quality recycled compost will be used for green roofs and rain gardens, among other innovative projects, in trials to explore the material’s technical and commercial potential. The trials, organised by the Waste & Resources Action Programme, will also continue research into regenerating brownfield sites to grow biofuel crops, which it began in 2007.

Projects will start this year across the UK, with findings to be reported in 2010 and 2011. One high profile development will use the compost to create green roofs on the 2012 Olympics media buildings.

WRAP landscape and regeneration programme manager Paul Mathers said: “We’ve already proven that quality compost is a practical, cost effective material that can bring a host of desirable benefits to a wide variety of commercial landscaping and regeneration projects. This new set of trials builds on this work and will help us gain a greater understanding of just how versatile this unique recycled product can be.”

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