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  • How To Design A Perfect Feed Formula For Broilers

    How To Design A Perfect Feed Formula For Broilers

    Broiler feed and chicken feed shall contain energy feed, protein feed, and mineral feed, vitamins, and additives. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional pellet making machine manufacturer. This article will tell us how to design a perfect formula, and how to allocate the proportion of each ingredient according to nutrit


Equipment & Solutions

  • Wood Shaving Macking Machine

    Wood Shaving Macking Machine

    This wood shaving making machine is designed to produce wood shavings in desired and suitable size to be able to use them as bedding at chicken farming and horse breeding sectors. There are all adjustment possibilities to get wood shavings in desired size and high quality. Our machine designed to get good quality of wood shavings by shaving round wood from 10 cm up to 45 cm diameter. Chicken ...