Poultry Feed Additives

Articles & Whitepapers

  • What are the ingredients of poultry feed

    What are the ingredients of poultry feed

    Poultry breeders spend a lot of time focusing on finding chicken feed ingredients that provide good nutrition for the flock. Modern farming methods have introduced the ability to enhance the nutritional properties of chicken ingredients with supplements and additives. This benefits both farmers and feed producers or pr

  • High Temperature Resistant Phytase

    High Temperature Resistant Phytase

     High temperature resistant phytase is prepared by liquid deep fermentation and post treatment. Phytase is a special kind of phosphomonophosphate hydrolysis enzyme, which catalyzes the ...


  • Meet Lallemand Animal Nutrition at Eurotier

    Meet Lallemand Animal Nutrition at Eurotier

    Lallemand Animal Nutrition, a primary manufacturer and major supplier of silage inoculants, probiotics and yeast derivatives, will be exhibiting its products and services at EuroTier 2016, November 15-18, in Hannover, Germany. Visitors are also ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Vacuum Coater

    Vacuum Coater

    Increase the quality and/or the energy content of your feed and introduce liquids deep into the pores of shrimp and fish feed, pellets, extrudates, poultry feed and pet food.