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  • Questions and Answers on Honey Bee Control

    Questions and Answers on Honey Bee Control

    Honey bees are valuable pollinators playing an important role in both native and agricultural crop production. Beekeepers keep bees in wooden manufactured hives, but the most common natural nest site for bees is a hollow tree or other cavity. Occasionally, honey bees may use a wall void or attic space in a house as a nesting site. In these situations, the decision to take action depends upon the ...


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  • High Rise 3 Aviary System

    High Rise 3 Aviary System

    The High Rise 3 combines easy management and animal welfare resulting in the highest laying performance. The HighRise 3 system is the system to choose when you have concerns about the quality of the rearing of your birds. The system can be closed at several stages allowing you to give the birds some extra training and to teach them how to behave in an aviary system.