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  • Monitoring DMA level case study

    ABIC, a leading provider of veterinary products chooses MonoScan to monitor the level of DMA (Dimethylamine) tank in one of its plants located in Israel.ABIC, wholly owned by Teva Pharmaceutical ...


  • Fresh Outbreaks of Newcastle Disease in Poultry

    Fresh Outbreaks of Newcastle Disease in Poultry

    For the last couple of months when most people have been thinking about Poultry, Turkey was at the front of their minds.  However many countries have been seeing an increase in Newcastle disease, which if you weren’t aware is a viral ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Comprehensive Line Vaccines

    Comprehensive Line Vaccines

    COCCIVAC and PARACOX: Comprehensive line of live vaccines for broiler breeders, layer pullets and broilers, offering protection against coccidiosis.