- Model Gen II - 2-Row Frames


The all new “Gen II 2-Row Frames” built for the harshest seeding conditions you can imagine.K-Hart Gen II frames are the heaviest built frames on the market today.  They are designed for mounting K-Hart Direct Seeding Openers or the industry's strongest built fertilizer K-Hart Coulters.

K-Hart challenges you to find another frame on the market that is built this strong and with this many features.

  • The top slung hitch eliminates the hassle of installing the K-Hart mid-row fertilizer coulter. “No hitch to work around.”
  • Gen II frames now offer a hydraulic cylinder for leveling the “for and aft” of the frame. This saves a lot of time when making adjustments from one seeding depth to another.
  • Six massive 385/65R22.5 x 18 ply tires. These tires will carry the heaviest of loads. With the extreme heavy duty nature of these tires – canola stubble has little impact on them. These should last the lifetime of the drill. Starting in 2014 optional 500-45 high floatation tire assemblies available - 50% more rubber on the ground.
  • Large 3” spindles along with 12,000 lb hub assemblies can carry the heaviest of load.
  • Large 5” folding cylinders will ensure that folding the frame into transport will never be a problem.
  • 4” x 6” x 3/8” rectangular tubing to eliminate all frame twisting.
  • Safety transport locks installed in place from the front the drill.
  • Powder coat paint to keep your investment looking its best.

  • 34’ – 10.36 metres 3-plex
  • 42’ – 12.80 metres 3-plex
  • 50’ – 15.24 metres 3-plex
  • 56’ – 17.06 metres 5-plex
  • 66’ – 20.12 metres 5-plex
  • 74’ – 22.56 metres 5-plex
  • 80’ – 24.38 metres 5-pex

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