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Fish meal and fish oil are basic protein and energy sources in the process of production of animal feeds; particularly the production of fish feeds. The quality of formulated diets depends largely on the quality of the raw products, with fish meal as primary protein source. Fish growth depends on digestibility of fish feed and moreover on the bio-availability of the nutrients. An increased bio-availability of the nutrients contained in the fish feed will have a positive effect on the growth performance of the respective cultured fishes.

FISHFORM PLUS is a preservative designed to keep the fish fresh and with low TVN-levels until processing for fish meal.

It can be used for all kinds of industrial fish as well as for by-products (cut offs).


FISHFORM PLUS is a unique preservative, which increases the storage time of raw material for the production of fish meal. FISHFORM PLUS can be used for all types of industrial fish and by-products. The storage time can be more than doubled.

FISHFORM PLUS restrains bacterial growth and delays the bacterial spoilage of the raw material. The result is raw material with a better quality. The increased storage time of the raw material open up for new applications and better utilization of the resources in the fish industry. Improved preservation also increases the flexibility to control storage, transportation and production.

FISHFORM PLUS keeps Total Volatile Nitrogen (TVN) low for a long time and helps you control the quality of the raw material to obtain the highest possible price at the time of landing the catch. One of the advantages of FISHFORM PLUS is the relatively high pH. The antimicrobial effect without strong acidification helps avoid protein hydrolysis and leakage of gut fill from the fish. Digesting enzymes from the gut has a low pH optimum, and preserving with strong acid at low pH may give high enzymatic activity. With FISHFORM PLUS you can avoid this problem.

Studies have also shown increased dry matter recovery in fish catch preserved with FISHFORM PLUS. This has been demonstrated both for fish preserved “dry” and when refrigerated fresh water has been used.
Analyses have shown that dry matter in fish preserved with FISHFORM PLUS has increased from 20.3% in unpreserved fish to 22.3% in preserved fish.

Results from summer capelin fisheries show a staggering difference of 23% higher final settlement for a boat using FISHFORM PLUS compared to a boat with no preservative fishing in the same area at the same time.  This means significantly better income for the trawler.

FISHFORM PLUS has been extensively tested and can be used for all types of fish for fishmeal production, such as: Blue Whiting, Sandeel, Capelin, Norway Pout, Sprat, etc., as well as fish by-products.

FISHFORM PLUS is environmental friendly and consists only of components found in nature. FISHFORM PLUS is easy to handle e.g. compared with other organic acids such as acetic acid and formic acid. FISHFORM PLUS does not smell much per se and it significantly improves the working environment by reducing the smell of the raw material.


Using FISHFORM PLUS is easy. The preservative is mixed with the fish or the by-products as early as possible (... the degradation process can not be turned back). Some quidelines need to be followed, though:

The dosage of FISHFORM PLUS is dependent on:

  • type of raw material
  • temperature
  • storage period

When used in RFW/RSW systems on fishing vessels FISHFORM PLUS is added directly to the water in the tanks prior to pumping the fish on board. The required dosing of FISHFORM PLUS is determined according to temperature, storage time and volume of the catch and we recommend to follow our dosage table. We also recommend to use as little water as possible to increase the dry matter content, however it is important that the there is enough water to ensure proper cooling of the fish.

It is particularly important that the cooling is good during summer and autumn when the seawater temperature is high. This is when the bacterial activity is at the highest. To get the maximum effect of FISHFORM PLUS the excess water should be pumped overboard as late as possible during the fishing.

FISHFORM PLUS is antibacterial and can be used to preserve the RFW/RSW-water and prevent “rotten” water prior to fishing.  A small amount of FISHFORM PLUS (0.05-0.1% of the water) is added to the RFW - water at the same time as the tanks are filled. 
FISHFORM PLUS can also be used in combination with ice. FISHFORM PLUS, ice and water is filled into the tank in the harbour.  FISHFORM PLUS dosage is determined according to temperature, catch and storage period using our dosing table. FISHFORM PLUS may also be added during fishing.
In certain cases FISHFORM PLUS could be used directly on the fish without extra cooling.  In this case, the preservative should be sprayed on to the fish when the fish is pumped in to the storage tank. This could be a relevant method to preserve for instant capelin. The use of preservative without extra cooling presupposes that the water temperature is low and that the storage period is short.

The advantage of preserving the fish without using extra water is that the water soluble components remains in the fish and are not lost with the cooling water. This increases the dry matter content of the fish compared to fish cooled in a RSW system. 

When preserving by-products, the preservative is added directly to the cut off and entrails by using our dosing unit or a simple dosage system. It is important that the pumping system is adjustable since the dosage will vary according to temperature and storage period. Our dosing system has a scale integrated to ensure correct dosage.
The dosing table indicates how much should be added at different temperature and storage periods.

ADDCON gladly assists with practical advice. We co-operate with suppliers of pumps, tanks, etc. to help our costumers find the right solution. Contact us to find a solution that fits your busines

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