Agricultural Biogas Plants



When planned optimally, agricultural biogas plants perfectly fit into farming and soil nutrition cycles. The anaerobic digestion of manure, agricultural byproducts and energy crops not only provides electricity and usable heat – it also produces a high quality organic fertilizer and soil conditioner.

The nutrients contained in the substrate are broken down during the biogas conversion thereby increase the fertilizer quality of the digested product on the arable land. Plants can access the nutirents in digestate much easier than in untreated manure.

Each FARMATIC biogas plant is custom-tailored to the customer specifications
and to the feedstocks available locally. All our plant’s components consist
of industrial grade materials that are highly resistant to corrosion.

Our focus on quality in both engineering and construction of biogas plants is the foundation of the high value added throughout the life cycle of our biogas plants. The high return on investment is achieved through extraordinarily low operational and maintenance costs in conjunction with an extremely low energy consumption of the plant.

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