- Skimming Cultivator



AJAX skimming cultivator is designed for post-harvest cultivation. The operating elements of the machine include wing coulters that undercut and mix crop residues. Coulters are mounted on 85 cm long standards that provide very high clearance under the frame, which prevents clogging with crop residues. A row of discs with a diameter of 460 mm, installed on special shock-absorbing springs, is mounted behind the two rows of tines. Then, the field is concentrated and levelled with a tubular roller.

Standard equipment:

  • drawbar Cat 2 for the widths of 2.2-3.0 m; Cat 3 for a width of 3.8 m
  • two rows of tines, 850 mm in height
  • coulter width – 460 mm
  • clearance under the frame – 800 mm
  • beam with covering discs of 460 mm in diameter, mounted on flat shock-absorbing springs
  • tubular agricultural roller for crushing and pressing, 540 mm in diameter, with single-point depth control
  • locking pin or spring (two springs) for the tines
  • 2.2; 2.6; 3.0 m version – a rigid frame, mounted
  • 3.8; 4.7; 5.6 m version – hydraulically collapsible, mounted

Optional equipment:

  • V-ring roller, 600 mm in diameter
  • rubber roller, 530 mm in diameter
  • heavy tined roller, 500 mm in diameter
  • illumination

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