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This system offers: Adjustable Bed Dept Control – a unique feature of the Double Flow system is that bed depth can be varied to get the best results from every crop (reduced depth for dense or very wet crops) making optimum use of the available airflow. Options for Dust - as the grain falls between beds at the return end of the drier, dust/chaff is lifted by exhaust air escaping from the bottom bed, creating a useful cleaning function. Or the drier can be adapted so that dust is retained in the crop (no precleaning is needed).

  • Low Noise – all fans are located inside the main drier body.
  • Low Profile – drier installations can blend in with farm building profiles, which often can overcome tight planning restrictions.
  • Uniquely Versatile - handles any granular crop in any condition no need for pre-cleaning.
  • No downtime between crops – instant, electronically controlled, follow-on without emptying/refilling.
  • Alvan Blanch has developed a new version that will dry Potato Peelings, Wood Chip/Shavings and Sawdust etc.

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