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potato equipment

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    TOMRA - Model FPS - Field Potato Sorting Machine

    The Field Potato Sorter, FPS, is a sensor based food sorting machine for unwashed potatoes, removing soil clods, stones and foreign material.

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH. based in Mülheim-Kärlich, GERMANY. from Field Potato Sorting Machine Product line

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    TOMRA - Odyssey Steam Peeler

    The Odyssey steam peeler is the newest addition to the TOMRA steam peeling portfolio. It’s the ideal cost-effective steam peeling solution for seasonal processing companies and emerging markets. It’s a high quality peeler that is specifically designed for seasonal processors of fruit and vegetables such as potatoes, red beets, ...

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH. based in Mülheim-Kärlich, GERMANY. from Odyssey Steam Peeler Product line

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    TenCate - Crop Protection Fabrics

    TenCate is the technology and market leader when it comes to covering a valuable harvest. Our protection fabrics are used to cover sugar beets, straw & hay bales, compost, wood chips and also potatoes. Within these agricultural core markets we hold and continuously increase our absolute leading position and thrive to grow further within ...

    By TenCate Geosynthetics Netherlands bv based in AE in Nijverdal, NETHERLANDS. from Crop Protection Fabrics Product line

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    Plastic-Puglia - Model LDPE - Agricultural Hose

    The Agricultural Hose is made of a low density polyethylene flexible tubular with anti-UV additives, ideal for open field irrigation or under film, of a large variety of vegetable, flower crops, -watermelons , melons, strawberries, zucchini, peppers, potatoes, onions and so on.The product provides a balanced dosage of water and fertilizers to ...

    By Plastic Puglia based in Monopoli, ITALY. from Agricultural Hose Product line

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    Aquatape - Black Color Drip Tape

    Aquatape is a black color drip tape with blue stripe, with a continuous labyrinth welded inside and drilled with constant spacing. Aquatape is used on the open field irrigation or in the green-house for a variety of crops such as : vegetables, flowers, watermelons, melons, strawberries, zucchini, peppers, eggplants, potatoes, cucumbers, onions, ...

    By Plastic Puglia based in Monopoli, ITALY. from Black Color Drip Tape Product line

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    Aquadrop - Drip Line with Flat Emitter

    AQUADROP is a black thin drip line a blue stripe equipped with flat emitters welded inside with constant spacing. AQUADROP is the ideal solution for irrigation in the open field or in the green-house for a big variety of crops such as vegetables and flowers – watermelons, melons, strawberries, zucchini, peppers, eggplants, potatoes, ...

    By Plastic Puglia based in Monopoli, ITALY. from Drip Line with Flat Emitter Product line

  • Demsan - Model PD2 CK - Manual Two Rows Potato Planter Machine with Double Cup System

    Certainly, innovative, efficient, reliable and robust. Simple Operation and for the use with small Tractors. Ideal for smaller farms. Strong Heavy-Duty Chassis. Provides un-limited tuber space adjustment between 15-40 cm by its adjustable pulley system, Exact one by one planting, No-risk of damage on potato seeds while planting, because they ...

  • H.F Stewart - Model 45 - Foot Telescopic Bin Piler

    The H.F Stewart Bin Piler is a standard product that is competitively priced. The bin piler is designed to be low enough to unload through a loading dock door. Adding a H.F Stewart Bin Piler to your farming operation will give you the ability to pile potatoes safely and efficiently.

    By H.F. Stewart based in West Point, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND (CANADA).

  • Model 900 Series - Potato Collectors

    The Double L 900 Series Collectors offer high capacity cleaning and handling solutions to meet the configuration and handling needs of the growers. Configuration options such as the hopper roll table, inline sizer, and a new fan blower system give growers greater cleaning ability while reducing the need for additional manual labor. The ...

    By Double L based in Heyburn, IDAHO (USA). from Potato Collectors Product line

  • Four Row Full Automatic Potato Planting Machine

    Can be used  from 100 to 110 hp at double wheel tractors. Covering the wings can be adjusted in three dimensions. Tuber space adjustment in 12 different levels by changing transmission gears. Cups are coated with cage system for security purpose. Cups are like hand design. Cups have double-taking character , but only takes one time of ...

    By Yigitsan Agricultural Machinery based in NEVŞEHİR, TURKEY.

  • Model SPS 900 - Double Row & Sifting Potato Harvester Machine

    Can be used from 65 to 85 hp at tractors, Double sieve system & Fabulous soil sifting, Driving from power takeoff, To work in all kinds of soil conditions.

    By Yigitsan Agricultural Machinery based in NEVŞEHİR, TURKEY.

  • Potato Drying Wall Plenum Fan Box

    A useful product manufactured by Farm Electronics is the moveable plenum drying box. This unit allows forced drying/warming of a small batch of boxed product. The unit pictured serves 2 boxes wide x 5 boxes high and up to 7 boxes out. (70 Boxes). The 2.7kw 3 phase axial fan produces 9000cfm of air giving a positive ventilation rate of 128cfm per ...

    By Farm Electronics Limited based in Lincolnshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Potato Drying Wall Plenum Fan Box Product line

  • Agriculture Material Handling Belts

    The WCCO potato harvesting belts are made of a durable fabric and reinforced with a softer rubber compound that will gently handle the product, preventing nicks and bruises. Our durable yet delicate belt is aimed to lessen your crop loss.

    By WCCO Belting, Inc. based in Wahpeton, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Agriculture Material Handling Belts Product line

  • H.F Stewart - Model 22 to 42 - Live Bottom Bulk Boxes

    The H.F Stewart Live Bottom Bulk Box is designed for the agribusiness that needs to haul large amounts of potatoes and other agricultural product. The unique design of the live bottom bulk box means a greater payload, less maintenance and greater reliability. Potatoes coming out of the live bottom bulk box will be bruise free and drivers will not ...

    By H.F. Stewart based in West Point, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND (CANADA).

  • TDJ - Swift-Lift Extending Contain-A-Vator

    The Swift-Lift extending Contain-A-Vator has been designed to load the container trailers increasingly being used by processors to transport potatoes from farm to factory. However its unique design makes it equally suitable for loading into a store or bulker.

    By Terry Johnson Ltd based in Holbeach, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model TRL - Mulcher

    Designed for large farms and outsourcers, the TRL machines stand out for their robust construction, which naturally makes them suitable for mulching large areas of stalks. Perfect for corn, cotton, grass, straw, potato leaves, beet leaves, sugar cane, pineapple plantations, woody material and for the maintenance of uncultivated land. Tierre offers ...

    By Tierre Group Srl based in Curtarolo (PD), ITALY. from Mulcher Product line

  • Norton - Flatbeds Low Loader

    Low Loaders 4-15 tonne payload. This model of trailer for transport of agricultural plant such as excavators, seed drills and equipment. Pallets and potato boxes often find their way on to low loaders with the addition of wedges at the rear to bring the beavertail up to level.

    By Norton Trailers Limited based in Weston super Mare, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flatbeds Low Loader Product line

  • Demsan - Automatic Two Rows Potato Planter Machine

    Certainly,innovative,efficient,reliable and robust. Inserts are available for the different potato sizer. Small, Large, very big, cut and chitted. No matter what seed you use. The device creates vibrations in the rubber belt to reduce double planting. Hopper 400 kg capacity (4 rows 1000 kg) Exhaustion flaps 35 decare/hour planting capacity. Tuber ...

  • Vegetable Brushing Machine

    This is a device for dry-cleaning of vegetables and potatoes. Equipped in a system with 10 of brushes to dry-cleanings of farming products. It does not cause any damages cleaned vegetables. Details: Length: 1580mm width: 770mm height: 890mm Brush diameter: 125mm Brush speed: 176 r / min power: 0.55 kW Yield: 3-4 t / h

    By Arikon – agro based in Środa Wlkp./near Poznan, POLAND.

  • AFIVEPLUS - One Row Potato Diggers

    The potato diggers are made to dig one row of potatoes or other root crop. The machines can be pulled on the centerline of the tractor or offset as when straddling two rows and digging one. The standard diggers return the produce onto the dug soil after shaking the bulk of the soil through the chain.

    By AFIVEPLUS, Inc. / US Small Farm Equipment Co. based in Torrington, WYOMING (USA).

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