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Anemone Apennina

Native to the Apennine range of mountains in Italy, A. apennina, naturalised in Britain for centuries, is happiest growing in partial shade and probably better than A. blanda in UK conditions  Feathery green foliage is overtopped by light blue flowers with many narrow deeply cut petals, standing to 6' high.  The fruiting heads are held erect, unlike A. blanda where they are pendant. There is also white form, which may be tinged with the slightest ice-blue.  The rhizomes get bigger every year and can be divided although they do not develop offsets, and in good conditions, they will produce seedlings.

Planting Instructions

They should be planted in small groups 6' (15cm) apart, and laid horizontally about 2-3' (5-7.5cm) deep in the leaf-mould rich soil in a position where they will get a dry summer rest, and be left to increase undisturbed. 

RHS Award of Garden Merit.

This plant/cultivar has been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit because it has proved to be reliable in appropriate conditions and a good performing plant.For more information on RHS Award of Garden Merit plants visit www.rhs.org.uk/plants

Plant Details

  • Flowers   March/April
  • Height     8' (20cm)


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