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  • Anemone Apennina

    Anemone Apennina

    Native to the Apennine range of mountains in Italy, A. apennina, naturalised in Britain for centuries, is happiest growing in partial shade and probably better than A. blanda in UK conditions  Feathery green foliage is overtopped by light blue flowers with many narrow deeply cut petals, standing to 6' high.  The fruiting heads are held erect, unlike A. blanda where they are pendant. There is also white form, which may be tinged with the slightest...

  • Colchicum Agrippinum

    Colchicum Agrippinum

    Easy to grow, deep, moisture-retentive soil, these appear from their summer dormancy, denuded of leaves, to flower in the autumn-hence 'Naked Ladies'. A pointer to the end of summer, their bright flowers last incredibly well considering their apparent susceptibility, the leaves only properly appearing in the spring. Very different from the larger goblet shaped forms with the flowers open almost flat with broad pointed petals. Narrow, wavy-edged leaves...