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Artichoke Green Globe


Artichokes are known for being a delicacy. Green Globe produces good sized fine quality globes that can be picked small or large. They are an attractive plant with jagged silvery leaves that will fit in a flower bed and are stunning if you let them go to flower. They attract lots of bees, which will then help pollinate your other veggies.

Available from

March to June


From July the following year of planting. Once the heads have swollen but not opened.

Growing Instruction

Plant 1m apart - yes they do need a lot of space, once all frosts have gone, in well drained soil in full sun but sheltered position. Keep well watered until established and in dry weather. In its first year of growing cut back any heads to let the plant establish. In the autumn cut back the stems and protect the crown from the frost. In its 2nd season allow the globes to form and pick the top one in the summer when its large, swollen and unopened. Pick any other side globes once they are big enough.

Plant Height  

Up to 170cm

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