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  • Artichoke Green Globe

    Artichoke Green Globe

    Artichokes are known for being a delicacy. Green Globe produces good sized fine quality globes that can be picked small or large. They are an attractive plant with jagged silvery leaves that will fit in a flower bed and are stunning if you let them go to flower. They attract lots of bees, which will then help pollinate your other veggies.

  • Angelica (Angelica Archangelica)

    Angelica (Angelica Archangelica)

    Angelica can grow up to 7 feet tall.  Its flavours can be used in Liqueurs and egg dishes and the stems are used for decoration on sweets and puddings. It can help to relive bloating, gas, stomach pain, fungal and viral infection to name a few. Part of the Celery family.