Automatic Fresh Sweet Corn Deep Processing Line

Sweet corn must be processed timely after harvested, otherwise the quality will be decreased rapidly. Our sweet corn deep processing line combines husking, cutting and packing. It can remove the husk of fresh sweet corn automatically with high husking rate and low kernel damage rate. It is ideal complete equipment for sweet corn processing enterprises. The system is also suitable for processing waxy corn. Sweet_Corn_Husker * Features of the Sweet Corn Husking System 1. The corn processed by the line is safe to consume. a. Husking rubber rolls made by rubber, silica gel and polyurethane which are non-toxic. b. Bearing support adopts senior lubricants or white oil for food machinery. c. Mainly stainless steel construction, especially the contact parts. 2. Rotating speed and tilting angle of the rubber rolls can be adjusted according to the breed of the corn, achieving high husking rate and low damage rate, 3. Automatic oil-filling to multi lube points, which ensures reliable operation,


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