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Automatic Gutter Systems for Greenhouses and Nurseries



Do you want to increase your greenhouse or nursery production significantly? Do you want to take advantage of every single square meter in your greenhouse or nursery? Our automatic gutter system adjusts itself so you don’t waste production area. While the plants are still small, the gutters stand close. When the plants grow bigger the distance between the gutters will increase along with the growth of the plant. In this way, you can produce a lot more crops, in the same area. You plant in one side and harvest in the other. As soon as you have harvested a gutter, there is room to plant in a new gutter in the other side.

Danvan offers:

On the basis of your greenhouse, climate, growing light and crops, we can calculate how much you can increase your production, and there by you will know how much you will gain in profit, before buying it.

We can adjust the system so it will fit your greenhouse conditions.

For the gutters we can also install washing machines, transport trolleys, soil distribution unit, soil hopper and etc., which will save you a lot of labour cost.

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