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- Harvesting Net (Sweep Net) for Cage Farming.



Badinotti Group can supply ready to use Tailor-made Harvesting Net (sweep net) for cage Farming. Generally produced like a purse seine net model, it can be very useful in the harvesting procedure in cage farming. Equipped with an upper floats-line and a base lead-line. The Dimension should be approx the perimetry of the cage x the net depth+1mt. It can be used together with the grader net like :EzeeGrader

EzeeGrader is a passive fish grader, integral to a conventional sweep net. The device compromises a series of rigid grids made from injected moulded Polyamide, circular in profile, and with apertures of a predetermined width, which smaller fish swim through.

The larger fish are harmlessly contained within the sweep net.

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