- Self Propelled Harvest Assist Platform



The Bandit Xpress is a self-propelled harvest assist platform that was  designed for harvesting, however it is so versatile that it makes an excellent tying and pruning platform as well. It is rugged and dependable in all types of terrain and can be equipped for day and night operations. If you choose to use it as a tree maintenance platform accessories can be added to improve efficiency and support tree management.

The platform base can be adjusted to two different level heights and width’s. Each side of the Bandit Xpress can be at different heights and widths to accomadate the variation in tree growth and formation. In addition a low drag trailer can be added to pull behind the Xpress for low ground level work.

This machine is very popular with orchard workers because there are know more ladders and long days of walking which significantly reduces worker fatigue and injury. Even workers restricted to light duty can work on these machines. This maximum functionality gives the grower the ability to customize the Xpress to fit your individual orchard needs and available work force.

To insure picker safety the Xpress comes equipped with both fully adjustable and removable sidebars. In addition lanyard bars are a standard feature on every machine for safety harness use if the operators want to remove the sidebars. Other safety features include four emergency stop switches located at the front and back of the machines both at the platform and ground levels.

Standard features 0n this machine include:

  • Lanyard Bars and Harnesses
  • Lights
  • Adjustable Light Bars
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Ports
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Tow Bar
  • Stereo

The Bandit Xpress is equipped with auto steer and a variable ground speed to accommodate any orchard.

The Xpress is towable so it can be easily hooked to a pickup and towed from one orchard to another.

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