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- Wood Chipper


The Biber 2 series is ideal for chopping offcuts from tree surgery, overgrown bushes, vines etc.

Impressive quality and performance

The outstanding features of this series include the large feed chute, a powerful in-feed system and fully hydraulic drive, with its own hydraulic system, independent of the towing vehicle, and the high centrifugal mass of the disc wheel, with specially designed impeller blades for a greater discharge range.

Safe and practical

The safety bar, with forward, reverse and emergency stop positions, makes the machines practical to use and ensures maximum safety during operation.

Electronic feed control

If the rotational speed of the chipping rotor falls, the control system switches the hydraulic feed off electronically, and then back on automatically when the normal rotational speed is reached again. This reduces the need for the operator to pay such close attention, while at the same time increasing throughput and protecting the towing vehicle. Particularly to be recommended for less powerful towing vehicles. (Optional extra)

The right machine for every job

Biber 2/12 and 2/14 with PTO drive

Ideal in horticulture and agriculture, the sophisticated and practical design is the result of our many years of experience.

Biber 2/14 Motor

High-performance wood chipper with Hatz Silent diesel engine.

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