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Big Bale Transporter



The Murray Big Bale Transporter is a multi-bale spike capable of up-loading four big bales up to 5 in diameter in one operation, so enabling the tractor operator to clear a field of bales in a very short time. The implement fits onto the rear linkage of any tractor and lifts the bales in two tiers, two on the upper frame and two on the lower frame. The upper bales being lifted clear by a single acting hydraulic cylinder to allow lower bales to be picked up. The frames are constructed of heavy box section for maximum rigidity and are fitted with machined tapered sockets for the tines in each frame. The Murray Big Bale Transporter also comes in a 'fold up' version, this is to allow the operator to fold the protruding tines up safely out of harms way when travelling along the public highway when fitted to the rear of any tractor.

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