Redrock Equipment

  • Redrock - Alligator

    Silage grabs for front loaders, wheel loaders and 3-point lifting devices.The Alligator series has two models. One has a cutting opening of 85 cm and the second has a cutting opening of 130 cm. The 85 cm model is most suitable for use on a front loader while the 130 cm model is used mainly on wheel loaders and telehandlers.Whether you ...

    By Bromach bv based in Gorredijk, NETHERLANDS.

  • Redrock - Standard Slurry Pump

    Redrock slurry pumps are most suitable for circulating, mixing or transferring slurry. The pumps are known for their enormous capacity and their very low-maintenance construction. The bearing of the central drive shaft is fitted with a type of synthetic bush, resulting into very low maintenance costs.The Redrock galvanised high-flow slurry pumps ...

    By Bromach bv based in Gorredijk, NETHERLANDS.

  • Redrock - Silage Block Cutters

    Silage Blockcutters The Redrock ranges of blockcutters are both powerful and durable. The broad range is has been designed to suit all types of farms form the large-scale dairy to the more modest smallholdings. Redrock range are designed to work with tractor loaders to farm handlers. Unique Blades Most machines have the unique “bolt on ...

    By Cork Farm Machinery Ltd based in Cork, IRELAND. from Block Cutters Product line

  • Redrock - Low loader, Transporttrailers

    The Redrock Low Loader transporttrailers are suited for transportation of different kinds of material. Thanks to the solid construction the maintenance is reduced to a minimum and endurance extended. The Low Loaders are available with a loading capacity of either 12, 16 or 24 ton.

    By Bromach bv based in Gorredijk, NETHERLANDS.

  • Redrock - Multi Purpose Dump Trailers

    The Redrock Multi Purpose Dump Trailers are suited for transporting minicranes. The Multi Purpose Trailer can also be used as a normal silage trailer and as a transporttrailer. A combined 3 in 1 system.

    By Bromach bv based in Gorredijk, NETHERLANDS.

  • Redrock - Silage Forks

    The Redrock silage forks have a working width of 2.80m and are suited for the more heavy tractors with front loader, telehandler and wheelloader.The silage forks come standard with 10 forks (forklength 129 cm). Also there a 2 shorter forks mounted above the outer bottom forks. (removable if neccesary) This makes sure the capacity of the silage ...

    By Bromach bv based in Gorredijk, NETHERLANDS.

  • Redrock - Grain and Silage Tipping Trailers

    The Redrock grain and silage trailers have been manufactured with a conical 'Monocoque' body that varies in width from 220 cm at the front to 235 cm at the back. They have been fitted with 2 lift cylinders with a triple telescopic lift for tipping the trailer.The trailers have been produced from 5-mm thick steel plate and come standard with a ...

    By Bromach bv based in Gorredijk, NETHERLANDS.

  • Redrock - Hi-flow Slurry Pumps

    The Redrock Hi-flow slurry pumps offer all the same features as the standard slurry pumps. The only difference between them is that the Hi-flow has a heavier power transfer box with a higher rpm on the mixer rotor. This means an increased capacity of 15% compared to the standard slurry pump. The Hi-flow can reach a flow rate of 14 m3 / minute.

    By Bromach bv based in Gorredijk, NETHERLANDS.

  • Redrock - Standard Flow Slurry Pump

    The Redrock slurry pump has quickly built a reputation for being strong, reliable and virtually maintenance-free. The offset nozzle allows slurry to be mixed in almost all directions. For varying tank depths, the pump can be adjusted by up to 300mm. 3-point linkage quick attach allows easy implement connection. And there’s no need to disconnect ...

    By IDM Services SW Ltd based in Cornwall, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Redrock - Paddle Mixer Feeders

    The Redrock range of Paddle Mixer Feeders are recognised throughout Ireland, Britain and across Europe for their reliability of performance, build strength and quality of discharge.

    By Cornthwaites Ltd based in Preston, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Redrock - Paddle Feeders

    Redrock’s paddle feeder is a prime example of the company’s quality approach to engineering. It’s sturdy, dependable and packed with features designed to help farmers get the job done. Split paddles on the rotor increase efficiency (faster mixing, less power usage); right-hand discharge chute ensures a comfortable ride and the blades are ...

    By IDM Services SW Ltd based in Cornwall, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Redrock - Single Auger Vertical Mixer Feeder

    The Redrock Vertical mixer feeder range can mix everything from large round or square bales of silage, straw and hay, to precision cut silage, maize, meal etc. Serrated Knives are used to efficiently chop fibrous foodstuffs to the length required for effective mixing & healthy digestion. Assisted by two “counter Knives” which ...

    By Kelly`s of Kilkenny Ltd. based in Kilkenny, IRELAND. from Redrock - Vertical Mixer Feeders Product line

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