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Broyler Feeder Pan



ALFAN brand feeders are used for automatic feeding of poultry. All pieces and bodies are made of high quality plastic material and there are no sharp sides and corners which harm animals. Feeders are designed for achieving optimum growing rates, ease of access to the feed, ease of mounting and demounting and minimum feed waste. As the food becomes lass in the pan food goes down to the feeder pan automatically from the food tank. 1 feeder pan is used for 65-70 chicks.

ALFAN plastic pan drinkers are used in the automatical drinking systems. The water in the tank goes automatically to the drinker pans by the decraese of water in it.

ALFAN nipple drinker; produced by stainless steel and ball. Works the 360°. Easily connectable to square pipes via screw. The water productivity: 50-60 ml/min.

ALFAN hanger drip cup has been manufactured by the special combined polyproplen item. It has been designed based on 21,3 mm carrier profile and 22 x 22 mm square pipe. The unit also combined with an unbreakable single armed 70mm drip cup. Thanks to the stylish desing, the chickens are able to reach very easy to each nipples.

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