Calf Table


The Classic Deluxe Calf Table has a head gate on both ends giving you a completely reversible calf table without having to remove parts. Simply turn the calf table end for end.The Powder River Classic Calf Table is the most durable and functional table in the market. There are producers that are still using Powder River Calf Tables that were built in the 50's. The Classic Calf.Table has a wide opening Head Gate for ease of catching your calves. It tips for ease of accessing your calves for branding, vaccinating, etc. The Classic Calf Table is reversible for right or left side branding.

  • Handles calves up to 450 lbs
  • Scissor-type manual stanchion can be opened at the desired width for catching your calf
  • Dally cleat is included for tying a leg back out of the way
  • Seven drop-side pipes can be dropped and swung out of the way for easy access to calf s side for branding and vaccinating
  • Quick release pin allows you to drop the side in an emergency
  • Three settings for the tip angle of the table
  • Optional headboard w/tie-down chain available

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