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  • Squeeze Chutes & Head Gates

    Squeeze Chutes & Head Gates

    Powder River built the first all-steel squeeze chute in the 40's and continues to lead the way in head gate and squeeze chute design and manufacturing. Our products will stand up even in the toughest of conditions. If used for their intended purpose and properly maintained, your Powder River chutes and head gates will last 30-40 years. Powder River Squeeze Chutes and Head Gates are truly an investment, so why not buy your last squeeze chute first.

  • Cattle Working System

    Cattle Working System

    Cattle Working System With a Powder River Working System behind it, you will enjoy your Powder River Chute even more. Powder River can offer an almost endless array of working systems options. Systems of sweep tubs and alleyways make the cattle working experience a much easier and safer task. We have an in-house draftsman who will assist you in designing a system to fit your exact needs.

  • Calf Table

    Calf Table

    The Classic Deluxe Calf Table has a head gate on both ends giving you a completely reversible calf table without having to remove parts. Simply turn the calf table end for end.The Powder River Classic Calf Table is the most durable and functional table in the market. There are producers that are still using Powder River Calf Tables that were built in the 50's. The Classic Calf.Table has a wide opening Head Gate for ease of catching your calves. It...

  • Classic Gates and Panels

    Classic Gates and Panels

    Made to the same heavy-duty specifications as our Classic Panels, and featuring the same Classic Five-Year Limited Warranty, this gate is a must for crowding situations. Like the Classic Panels, this gate can withstand large amounts of pressure and spring back to its original shape. The hinge is another key ingredient in the formula for strength. Made of 1/4-inch x 3-inch steel, these 180-degree hinges can be mounted to wood or welded to steel posts....

  • Model XL - Manual Squeeze Chute

    Model XL - Manual Squeeze Chute

    The Powder River XL Manual Squeeze Chute with Right Side Exit is Powder River's top selling squeeze chute. This chute will stand up to the toughest of conditions. It will handle bulls, large cows, and even calves if necessary. If you are debating between a Value Chute and the XL Chute, go with the XL. It will hold its value and last for many years to come, no matter how many head you run through it.

  • Model 2000 - Cattle Working System

    Model 2000 - Cattle Working System

    The System 2000 is the most advanced cattle working system available. It is fully integrated allowing changes, additions and modifications at any time. New parts fit seamlessly with existing systems, without compromising efficiency and strength.The 25-foot Straight Rancher includes a System 2000 Classic 30' Tub, a 25' Half-sheeted Alley which has a System 2000 Alley Roll Gate and a set of cut-out gates. Our XL Manual RH Exit Chute is also included...

  • Calving / Health Pen

    Calving / Health Pen

    Loss of income due to low calving rates can make or break a producer. Powder River's 10 by 10-foot Calving Pen can pay for itself in the first season and add to your bottom line for years to come. This unit also makes an excellent sick pen.