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Carmel for Commercial Greenhouses


Design: Spring: for maximum micro-climate conditions.Ventispring: for improved natural ventilation.Dimensions: Spans: 9 m up to 9.6 m, arches every 4 m.Height: Gutter up to 4 m.Top: 3 m above gutter.Length: 28 m up to 100 m.

  • Structure: Steel prefabricated elements, hot dip galvanized, to be assembled on site
  • Covering: Usually with polyethylene film, 100-200 mic., U.V., I.R., single or double layer
  • Wind load: Up to 150 km/h
  • Weight load: Up to 25 kg/m2


  • Suitable and recommended for all vegetable crops as well as for flowers, house plants, and vineyards.


  • Trellising for vegetables
  • Inflated double layer polyethylene covering
  • Ventilation
  • Cooling pads
  • Heating systems
  • Wall and roof windows curtains, motorized or manual
  • Thermal screen
  • Irrigation system
  • Climate control
  • Growing and rooting benches

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