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  • Hanging Gutter System

    Hanging Gutter System

    The hanging gutter system was developed in Israel, adapted to local conditions and tried all over the world. The containers (troughs) can be of different types. On the following page you see ones made of Polystyrene. The recommended substrate is coconut fiber or a mixture of peat and perlite.

  • Net Houses (Canaan and Galil)

    Net Houses (Canaan and Galil)

    Design: Net House: with flat roof. Super Net: with sloped roof for improved ventilation. Dimensions: Spans: 6.4 m , 7.5 m , 8 m  x 4 m modules. Height: Up to 5 m.

  • Carmel for Commercial Greenhouses

    Carmel for Commercial Greenhouses

    Design: Spring: for maximum micro-climate conditions.Ventispring: for improved natural ventilation.Dimensions: Spans: 9 m up to 9.6 m, arches every 4 m.Height: Gutter up to 4 m.Top: 3 m above gutter.Length: 28 m up to 100 m.