Citrus Netting



Our citrus netting is manufactured by Smart Net Systems, and is of the highest quality high-density UV-protected polyethylene. The first netting we supplied has now been in use for 6 years and looks like it will make at least 8+ years of use for this application.

Our citrus netting is manufactured to customers' specifications. Smart Net Systems has designed and developed a citrus netting machine for the easy application and removal of your netting.

  • Weight: 55g per square meter
  • Lifespan: 8+ years
  • Ideal anti-pollination bee netting, preventing the development of seeds
  • Excellent for growing high-quality mandarin orange crops

The Benefits of Citrus Netting Why use Citrus Netting?

To produce high quality seedless oranges.    

Why produce seedless oranges?

Greater value, improving the return of your crop.

Cross pollination by bees in citrus crops causes seeds in easy peel oranges. California has been netting oranges to protect against cross pollination by bees for 6 years, since 2008.

Seedless oranges are achieved by using a fine mesh polyethylene net to entirely cover rows of oranges. Smart Net Systems has been involved in providing citrus netting since 2008. Smart Net Systems developed and built a  machine to install and remove the nets. The machine not only installs and removes nets but provides a means of storage for the nets. The machine is designed to be a 3-point hitch attachment and run from the tractor’s hydraulics.

Installing and Removing Nets

Nets are applied prior to bloom. The best scenario for netting application is after harvest and before bloom. Before applying nets, trenching both sides of the rows of trees is done to facilitate securing edges of nets. The machine lays nets over the rows and the edges of net are held down with dirt in trenches. When the bloom is over, nets are lifted from trees and spooled on the machine.


Netting has been proven to stop cross-pollination, resulting in seedless oranges, protecting your investment and getting the best value for your crop.

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