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PADDY PANTHER 26 is the answer to all of these challenges involved in rice farming in India. Specifically, the labor shortage problem can be solved with the concept of Custom Hiring Centers or Agro Service Centers in which one individual person or organization keeps the machine and does transplanting for small and medium scale farmers on pre agreed charges. For such commercial operations you need a machine which is capable of transplanting 6-8 acres in each day for better return on investment.

Rice is the main staple food for over 1.2 billion Indians and it is grown in more than 44.2 million hectares throughout India. The challenge is to increase rice production on the available cultivable land to feed the ever increasing population. In addition, the decreasing availability of farm labor due to industrialization and urbanization is a large obstacle to increase productivity and improve quality. Finding labor for transplanting during the peak season and when the water resources for land preparation are available has become a cumbersome job for every individual farmer.

PADDY PANTHER 26 revolutionizes the commercial transplanting requirement of custom hiring centers, entrepreneurs and larger scale paddy farmers. Under optimum operational efficiency it can transplant 7-8 acres in one day with transplanting of maximum 27 hills/m2.

Benefits of mechanical transplanting with transplanter.
  1. Independence from labor helps in timely transplanting during peak season.
  2. Young and medium age seedlings recovers fast and tiller vigorously.
  3. Effective & better tillering ensures uniform maturity and healthy crop.
  4. More plant population.
  5. Uniform spacing between the plants helps in smooth wind flow, provides equal sunlight for each plant and ensures less chances of diseases.
  6. Easy and effective weed control.
  7. Low mortality rate from root damage and/or floating seedlings.
  8. Lower water requirement for field preparation than the manual transplanting.
  9. Higher productivity, increased farmer income.
Benefits of Mechanical Transplanting with PADDY PANTHER 26.
  1. Cost effective & efficient transplanting solution for commercial transplanting.
  2. Transplanting of young & medium seedlings at optimal age (15-20 days).
  3. Precise control over plant population and hill spacing according to variety of rice.
  4. Maximum 27 hills/m2. and 2-11 plants/hill can be transplanted.
  5. Higher productivity, increased farmer income.


PADDY PANTHER 26 is equipped with a powerful and fuel efficient 21 HP (15.5 kW) petrol engine by HONDA . This powerful engine enables the machine to move smoothly in difficult field conditions, saves fuel and ensures trouble free operation.


Specially designed combination of HST and Gear transmission with 2 forward and 1 reverse gear provides smooth and efficient power transfer. With a maximum transplanting speed of 1.70 meters per second, which is one of the highest in its category, the machine ensures more output, increased area coverage & enhanced profitability.

Clutch less mechanism with HST pedal provides gradual acceleration from zero speed which prevents seedling from damage and ensures excellent maneuverability for comfortable operation in deep and slushy fields.

In turn, this increases transplanting efficiency. 4 wheel drive transmission with front LH/RH wheels independent suspension absorbs shocks due to uneven and rough paddy fields ensuring operator comfort and optimum performance in difficult field conditions.

Rotary Transplanting.

6 transplanting arms with rotary transplanting mechanism precisely pick the plants from the nursery on the transplanting platform and transplants as per the various transplanting adjustments done. 6 Rows Seedling Platform helps in wider area coverage which makes the PADDY PANTHER 26 twenty times faster when compared with manual transplanting with laborers.

Auto lift Up Transplanting Platform.

When turning or shifting the main lever into reverse gear, the Auto Lift Up transplanting platform feature prevents the machine from any kind of damage while saving time and increasing operator convenience and machine efficiency.

Automatic Depth Control & Horizontal Balancing.

Advance features like Automatic depth control & Horizontal balancing system results in uniform transplanting depth in unleveled field conditions even at high speeds.

Transplanting Adjustments.

Various adjustments are provided for precise control over transplanting like:

  • 5 adjustments (12, 14,16,19,22 cm) for Hill to hill spacing
  • 10 adjustments (2-11) for Number of plants per hill
  • 4 adjustments (18, 20, 26, 30) for Cross feed
  • 6 adjustments (1.5-4.5 cm) for transplanting depth

Adjustments can be used as per the variety of rice, to ensure that plants are evenly and uniformly transplanted which optimizes the number of plants in the field. These adjustments can be done easily by the operator with the help of conveniently located levers.

Unit Clutch Lever.

Three independent unit clutch levers are provided. Each clutch can control transplanting engagement or disengagement in two adjoining rows. It helps in better control over the area left for transplanting in the end, while finishing the field.


Operating system with automatic features, easily accessible & conveniently located operational levers and wider operator platform makes PADDY PANTHER 26 the most user friendly paddy transplanting machine available.

Hydraulic lock lever ensures safe travel on the road while locking the seedling platform in place during transport.

Powerful headlight helps in transplanting during long and extended working hours at night.

High intensity LED Instrument panel provides important information about engine parameters and adequate nursery availability on the transplanting platform.

Automatic Side markers provided on both sides of transplanting platform can be controlled easily from the operator’s seat and help in straight movement of the machine when aligned with center marker provided on the front side.

Operator’s Comfort & Safety.

Steering position can be adjusted as per the operator’s height and comfort with tilt adjustable steering column. While transplanting on long and large fields, the HST pedal with cruise control provides enhanced operator comfort. Sun visor is provided for protection from high temperatures in the summer or during the monsoon season for more comfort & convenience for the operator.


Integrated washing pump makes it easy to clean the machine. The washing pump helps in daily washing and cleaning immediately after the transplanting is finished. It protects the metal parts from corrosion and increases machine life.

Transplanting claws can be replaced very easily by the operator without the help of a technician.

All settings and transplanting adjustments provided are designed in such a way that anybody can learn them in no time.

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