- Lifting Harvesting System



The Classic Lifting harvesting system consists of a horizontal lift and a portable conveyor belt that takes the broilers to a central harvesting point. The lift is located behind the BroMaxx system and harvests chickens from multiple rows of one tier.

  • Simultaneous harvesting of multiple rows The Classic Lifting harvesting system harvests a tier of broilers from multiple BroMaxx rows at the same time. It is even possible to use a pair of lifts to double the harvesting capacity.
  • Useable for multiple houses The conveyor belt, which forms an extension of the lift, is portable and can therefore be moved from one poultry house to another. This enables to make the most out of the investment.
  • Quick and easy harvesting The moveable belts of the Classic Lifting harvesting system are easy to attach to the horizontal lift. As a result, the harvesting process proceeds quickly and smoothly.
  • Suitable for containers and crates The Classic Lifting harvesting system is suitable for both containers and crates.
  • Expandable with TransTruck Supply Conveyor The TransTruck Supply Conveyor consists of roller conveyors for crates and serves as a connection between the Classic Lifting system and the truck. This simplifies the transport of full crates to the truck, reducing labour.

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