- Coco Peat


Cocopeat is a natural, and renewable resource produced from coconut husks. Potting soil manufactures add value to potting mixes by adding a percentage of good quality Coco peat to their potting mixtures. Plants that grown with Coco peat require less frequent watering due to the higher water holding capacity of Coco peat. More number of finer roots in a shorter time can be seen in potting soil containing Cocopeat. The roots get more aeration resulting in healthier plants.


The Cocopeat ensure sufficient amount of water for the plant without compromising on the drainage capacity. This in turn will result in more available water for the plants as well as better aeration for the roots.

CG coco peat is pressed in weights of 650g bricks and 5kg blocks with a compression ratio of 8:1. We do produce blocks of 10kg and 25kg on request, however, the loadability for such products reduces.

Advantages of Cocopeat

  • CG peat is 100% Natural, an organic Bio-degradable matter.
  • CG peat is an Eco-friendly renewable resource.
  • CGpeat is a viable alternative to peat moss.
  • CGpeat is a perfect multipurpose growing media.
  • The right CGpeat has high aeration (air porosity)
  • CGpeat absorbs water easily but doesn’t absorb too much.
  • CG peat Enhance strong and healthy root system
  • CGpeat is a very stable product that can be used for many years without
  • decomposition affecting its physical make-up.

Cocopeat can be treated.

Chemical Effects

  • Increased potassium levels
  • Improved phosphorus levels
  • Increased cation exchange capacity
  • Improved nutrient retention
  • Reduced frequency and rates of fertiliser application

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