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Coir Green - Coir pots are made of Natural Coco fiber & Natural Rubber (rubberized to hold pot together) for use in Horticultural Farms , Flower Gardeners, Green Houses, and Nurseries. Coir pots can be used with natural flower plants to give indoors an elegant look. This is a more retail product which is sold in large supermarket chains as well as retail nurseries etc.

CGpots are 100% biodegradable and transforms into Organic Matter on decomposing. Commercial growers can use the pots to grow plants that can be planted directly into the ground, skipping the transplanting step, which often leads to transplant shock.

When plants are grown in CGpots, the roots penetrate the pot walls. Contact with the air stops the roots from growing, root buds start to appear and secondary roots start to develop throughout the pot. This phenomenon is known as 'aerial root pruning'.

Wide range of sizes can be accommodated according to requirement.

  • Pots remain stable above ground for a year and biodegrade in the soil after 2 – 3 months
  • Pots add texture to the soil as they degrade
  • Can also be added to the compost heap as a valuable source of carbon (brown material)
  • Plants grown in these pots benefit from air pruning
  • Plant roots will grow through the pot walls, encouraging a strong root system.
  • No transplanting shock
  • Ideal for cucurbits and courgettes in particular
  • Better water absorption
  • Moderates moisture and increase microbial activity
  • High tensile strength and lignin content
  • Environmentally Sustainable

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