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Bijlsma Hercules offers the possibility to install almost all machines from its product range on a single frame. The biggest advantage of these combies is that the transition from one machine to the other is always perfect. Since the combies are equipped with a heavy-duty tow-hook construction, they can be easily transported -- even over long distances. It is also possible to equip these machines with central electrical drive arrangements.

For use in the field or at the edge of the field, Bijlsma Hercules combies provide an ideal solution. Consider, for example, transferring field crops onto trucks. The necessary power to drive the machinery can be supplied via a separate generator, or by a generator on the combined units, which is driven via a PTO drive. In consultation with our specialists, you can determine the best way to combine the machinery and their sequences. We can develop and apply special solutions outside the standard product range. Our sales people will gladly advise you about the numerous possibilities.

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