- Model AI - Working Chutes



The Combo AI Chute has all the features of the working squeeze chute with the addition of a palpation cage with a common floor. The palpation cage is accessible from both sides. It is adjustable in width and will attach directly to TWI's Circular Working Facility.

TWI Chute Features:

  • Double acting squeeze
  • Double side width adjustment
  • Will handle all sizes of cattle
  • Both sides of the squeeze are gates
  • Each side gate is equipped with shoulder high quick latch access doors
  • Both sides feature foot doors
  • Includes TWI's unique 'crowd ahead' bar
  • Tail gate is a vertical drop gate that can be locked either up or down
  • Controls are fully reversible

Optional Features:

  • TWI Quiet Package- consisting of a Rumber® floor and springs in the drop doors make the TWI chute one of the quietest chutes on the market
  • A manual or self catching Priefert Headgate. Most any head-gate may be mounted onto an TWI Working Chute or Combo AI Chute
  • A portable version of each chute is available
  • Optional Headtable available for Headgate
  • Scales available
  • Rubber louvers
  • Grooming Bars
  • 8'' Neck Excess Door
  • Palp cage EZ Latch. No hands
  • Horizontal slide gate

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