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Contractors around the world rely on the T1055 COMMANDER® 3 track trencher because of its powerful Caterpillar C13 ACERT Tier 3 electronic engine with all its 415 hp/301 kW of rock-penetrating muscle. When equipped with the trencher or surface excavation attachments, this unit is ideal for trenching or for surface mining, site preparation, or road demolition.

  • Improve job monitoring with the exclusive Vermeer TEC® Plus Electronic Control System.
  • Penetrate rock effectively with less chain wear due to its low-speed, high-torque, splined headshaft motor.
  • Enhance productivity and safety with elevated climate-controlled cab.
  • Adjust to various trenching depths using an optional sectionalized boom.
  • Vermeer Vantage Track Extended Care Service Program offers an optional 3-year/3,000-hour or 5-year/5,000-hour warranty on the components of the closed loop hydrostatic systems.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.

On jobsites around the world, contractors depend on one name for heavy-duty rock trenching: Vermeer®. For projects requiring high horsepower and deep digging depths, Vermeer offers the T1055 COMMANDER® 3. Powered by a Caterpillar C13 ACERT Tier 3 engine generating 415 hp (309.5 kW), the T1055 features a Rotary Power headshaft motor to produce high torque for tough trenching situations.

The T1055 is equipped with the new TEC® Plus electronic control system, designed for improved diagnostic capabilities and to increase performance by enhancing machine controllability. Additionally, a standard, pressurized and climate-controlled cab enhances operator comfort and is elevated for exceptional visibility.

For maximum versatility, the T1055 COMMANDER 3 tractor unit is also available with the Terrain Leveler® surface excavation attachment for site prep, surface mining and soil remediation applications.

A 415 hp (309.5 kW) Caterpillar Tier 3 engine provides the raw power needed to triumph over tough rock-trenching projects. The engine is emissionized and features high torque rise, allowing engine rpm to recover rapidly in situations that demand increased power.

A Rotary Power headshaft and splined headshaft produce lower speed and higher torque, providing superior rock penetration and low chain wear for better production results.

The new TEC Plus electronic control system features CAN bus technology, which utilizes multiple control modules located throughout the machine for real-time performance data and advanced troubleshooting capabilities.

Transport Dimensions

Approach angle: 16°
Height: 11.3' (3.4 m)
Length with 40' (101.6 cm) end idler and 6' (1.8 m) boom: 32' (9.8 m)
Length with 40' (101.6 cm) end idler and 8' (2.4 m) boom: 35' (10.7 m)
Length with 40' (101.6 cm) end idler and 10' (3 m) boom: 37' (11.3 m)
Length with 40' (101.6 cm) end idler and 12' (3.7 m) boom: 40' (12.2 m)
Length with 40' (101.6 cm) end idler and 14' (4.3 m) boom (with restraint bar): 41' (12.5 m)
Length with 50' (127 cm) end idler and 10' (3.1 m) boom: 36' (11 m)
Length with 50' (127 cm) end idler and 12' (3.7 m) boom: 38' (11.6 m)
Length with 50' (127 cm) end idler and 14' (4.3 m) boom (with restraint bar): 41' (12.5 m)
Weight range: 87,000 lb – 104,000 lb (39,462.5 kg – 47,173.6 kg)
Width: 116' – 122' (294.6 – 309.9 cm) Engine
Make and model: Caterpillar C13 ACERT Tier 3
Gross horsepower: 415 hp (309.5 kW)
Rated engine rpm: 2100
Number of cylinders: 6
Fuel tank capacity: 184 gal (696.5 L)
Operating range: 8.8 hr
Fuel consumption @ full load: 20.9 gph (79 L/h)
Max engine operating angle: 35°
Air cleaner: Dry-type exhaust-aspirated
Aspiration: Turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled (ATAAC)
Cooling medium: Liquid
Electrical system: 24 V DC
Oil filter: Full-flow


Auto self-level: No
Ground pressure: 9.4 – 14 psi (.6 – 1 bar)
Tilt track available: No
Track drive type: Dual-path hydrostatic with planetary transmission
Track length: 14.7' (4.5 m)
Track pad type: Single, double or triple grouser
Track pad width: 24' or 30' (61 cm or 76.2 cm)
Track size: D7G
Travel speed max (high range): 114 fpm (34.8 m/min)
Travel speed max (low range): 57 fpm (17.4 m/min)
Parking and emergency brake: Spring-applied, hydraulic release, wet disc brake
Service brakes: Hydrostatic


Air conditioner / heater: Standard
Air suspension seat: No
AM / FM stereo with weather band: Standard
Elevating: Standard
Pressurized / filtered air: Standard
Roll Over Module (ROM): Standard
Control system: TEC Plus


Belt width: 30' (76.2 cm)
Conveyor belt speed range: 0 – 1070 fpm (0 – 326.1 m/min)
Conveyor belt style: Cleat or finger type
Conveyor length: 108' or 168' (274.3 cm or 426.7 cm)
Conveyor shift available: Yes
Conveyor shift distance: 5' or 65' (12.7 cm or 165.1 cm)
Conveyor style: Curved
Discharge direction: Right or left
Discharge height: 62' or 78' (157.5 or 198.1 cm)

Hydraulic System

Oil tank capacity: 152 gal (575.4 L)
Oil type: Vermeer HyPower 68 or HyPower 100
Pressure setting: 2500 psi (172.4 bar)
Pump flow max: 28 gpm (106 L/min)
Type: Pressure and flow compensated (load sensing)

Trencher Attachment

Boom depth options: 6', 8', 10', 12', 14' (1.8 m, 2.4 m, 3 m, 3.7 m, 4.3 m)
Sectionalized boom: Yes
Boom top rollers: Optional
Chain speed range: 316 – 714 fpm (96.3 – 217.6 m/min)
Cutting width range: 26' – 42' (66 cm – 106.7 cm)
Digging chain size: 4501 double,
5501 double, D6 double
Idler diameter: 40' or 50' (101.6 - 127 cm)
Trencher drive type: 2 pumps and 1 motor hydrostatic

Terrain Leveler Surface

Excavation Attachment
Weight: 40,000 lb (18,143.7 kg)
Max cutting depth: 32' (81.3 cm)
Cutting width: 11' (3.4 m)
Drum speed: 29-59 rpm
Laser acceptable : Yes
Digging chain size: Double 4501
Drive type: 2 pumps and 1 motor hydrostatic

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