- Computerized Control System



A MABEG computerized control system allows you to control your greenhouses conveniently and efficiently.

Single and multi-section controllers

They offer all the functions necessary for controlling one greenhouse. Several controllers can be networked via a bus – also a boiler controller can be integrated into the system. These controllers can be operated via a PC using an interface with special software.

Climate control computers

With a climate control computer all the functions for controlling several greenhouses are available to you - the possibility of controlling several boilers is integrated.

You have the option of using it to also control cold stores, climate chambers, sales rooms, outdoor installations or the like. Here too, similar to the single and multi-section controllers, you have the possibility of networking several climate control computers via a bus and controlling them by PC.

Functional examples (list is not complete):

  • Roof ventilation
  • Side ventilation
  • Overhead heating
  • Vegetation heating
  • Shading
  • Energy screen
  • Illumination
  • Light exposure
  • Irrigation
  • Fertilization
  • CO2 gasing
  • Alarm messages for threshold breaches and motor protection
  • Adiabatic cooling

For the linking of individual components the following parameters, among other things, are available:

  • Parameter change-over
    according to time, astronomical data or outdoor light
  • Control via light summation
  • Control via temperature summation
  • Storm protection
  • Rain protection
  • Ventilation control depending on the wind direction
  • Cool morning
  • Hot evening
  • Plant protection

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