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Continuous Mixers



A continuous mixer was designed for the homogenous mixing of liquids into a powder flow, such as molasses into animal feed. The addition of the liquid is controlled using a dosing pump and the amount is recorded by a flow meter. A dosing installation ensures a constant flow of the powdered carrier substance, which drops into the mixer via the inlet. The solid main shaft, fitted with a large number of mixer blades, cuts and mixes the lumpy mass into a homogenous mixture at high speed. As the blades are fixed to the shaft at a certain pitch, they transport the product to the outlet. The last mixer blade has an opposing pitch so it prevents the material caking at the end of the mixer. The blades are fixed in such a way that they can be easily replaced. The speed, the length of the mixer and the pitch of the blades determine the time that the product spends in the mixer.

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