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From start to finish, harvest goes smoother with a Brent grain cart. Harvest efficiency is pushed to the max with 1,200 plus to 550 bushel capacities with unloading speeds up to 500 bushels per minute. The corner-auger cart design means 100 percent unloading visibility from the tractor cab. When you're ready for the best, you're ready for Brent.

  • The auger’s corner positioning means 100 percent visibility from the tractor seat.
  • Rear-folding design allows the greatest upward, outward and forward reach of any single-auger grain cart
  • Electronic balancing of the upper and lower augers, along with the spring-loaded upper bearing,lower hanger bearing virtually eliminates vibration for long-term auger life.
  • Utilization of the newest hydraulic-system technology allows the auger to fold and unfold at industry-leading speed.
  • When extended, a lock-valve secures the auger in position with a positive seal for a leak-free joint.
  • The auger tucks compactly under the side of the cart for ease of transport and storage.
  • The lower auger is housed in a deep sump and constructed with “leaned” double flighting for greater grain-carrying capacity.

  • Complete Touch-Screen Operation — Easy-to-use operation from your tractor’s ISOBUS virtual terminal screen or touch-screen tablet, or both
  • Accu-Save Data Recording — Automatically records data for each load
  • Grower, Farm, Field Information — Log your harvest by grower, farm and field for detailed reporting
  • Truck And Destination Site Identification — Easily log bushels by trucks and destinations
  • Combine Verify — Easily use grain cart to assist in calibrating the combine yield monitor with one touch
  • Hitch Weight Management — Monitor load distribution during cart loading
  • USB Data Management — Easily copy UHarvest data for use in your home computer
  • Multiple User Access — Full data access available to multiple users within 400 feet of UHarvest processor
  • UHarvest Cloud Solution Powered By Slingshot — Slingshot is a secure, web-based data management system that enables you to save and see your harvest data from anywhere

  • Cast 2' single-tang hitch with smooth chamfer opening allows the cart to follow the terrain for smooth trailing. Bushings to match other appropriate hitch pin sizes are included.
  • Graphite-coated interior and fully recessed auger sump intake ensure fast and complete unloading
  • Two-position axle on models 1082-782 to match load weight to your needs. The rearward setting enhances in-field control; the forward setting lightens the tongue load.
  • An optional width-adjustable axle is available to match your cropping practices.
  • The axle's two-position height adjustability means the cart stays level and tongue weight is optimized while accommodating a variety of tractor and cart wheel and tire sizes.
  • A wide variety of undercarriage options including high-flotation singles, duals and tracks are available.
  • The tracked undercarriage features steel end wheels and hydraulic cushioning for smoother trailing and optimum flotation. The track size for the 1282 is 3' x 12'4' or 3' x 10'8' and 3' x 10'8' for models 1082 and 882.
  • Durable primer undercoat, oven-baked enamel topcoat of tractor red or green and silicone-sealed seams resist corrosion for a long-lasting 'new' look.
  • The exclusive Brent manufacturing process features sleek, waveless sides for added strength.
  • Field-proven 4-1/2' bolt-on spindles with 50-ton rating are manufactured with special-alloy, high-tensile strength steel.
  • 10-bolt hubs feature gusseted reinforcement for longer life and the greatest carrying capacity.
  • The heavy-wall tubular steel main frame and axle, 12-gauge steel shell and 8-gauge steel underframe carry the heaviest loads with ease.

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