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Cyclamen are one of the most versatile and beautiful plants. Indoors, in containers, or planted out in the garden, these interesting and colorful plants come in a variety of colors and shades. Kawahara Nurseries proudly grows the following exciting varieties* with the utmost care to ensure long lasting blooms and powerful growth throughout the cool seasons.

Miniature is defined as having a bloom that is ½-1' long

Miracle Cyclamen

  • This miniature cyclamen sports highly fragrant flowers.
  • Plants are low-growing at 8-10' tall, and have an upright habit.
  • The 1-inch-long, shooting-star flowers form bushy bouquets in a profuse show of blooms.

Libretto Cyclamen

  • Libretto cyclamen represents the most uniform series of all miniature cyclamen.
  • Libretto produces a mound of small leaves topped by a profusion of sweetly scented flowers.
  • Compact growth stays below 10' in height.

Super Series Cyclamen

  • The long-lasting, abundant blooms are held on sturdy stems.
  • Small, sturdy leaves makes this a hardy variety.
  • Compact plant structure with smaller blooms.


Intermediate is defined as having a bloom that is 1'-3' long

Laser Cyclamen

  • Laser is an intermediate cyclamen, with a smaller plant habit and flowers than Sierra.
  • This profuse bloomer displays an average of 20 flower stems that are fragrant and long lasting.
  • Plants reach a medium height of 10-12', and have a uniform, upright habit.

Silverado Cyclamen

  • Unusual silver foliage sets this compact novelty cyclamen apart from the rest.
  • Small to mid-range flower and foliage size.
  • The lightly fragrant blooms are held on sturdy stems well above the attractive, marbled foliage.


Standard is defined as having a bloom that is 3'-4' long

Rondo Cyclamen

  • This cyclamen carries a full flower with compact foliage and growth habit.
  • Lots of blooms make this a colorful option for smaller areas.
  • Hardier in warmer conditions than other varieties.

Sierra Cyclamen

  • This cyclamen set the standard for large-flowered series.
  • Sierra is a vigorous grower, producing large, florist-quality flowers from late fall on into spring.
  • Plants grow 12-14' tall, and have a firm, upright habit.

Victoria Cyclamen

  • Variegated, wine and white colored flowers make an eye-catching display.
  • Slightly ruffled edges on long stalks.
  • Large blooms and foliage that can reach up to 12' high and 10' wide.

Butterfly Cyclamen

  • This specimen cyclamen is one of the most sought-after varieties available on the market today.
  • Large blooms and foliage that can reach up to 14' high and 10' wide.
  • Ruffled, exotic blooms bursting off of strong stems resemble a butterfly in flight.

Maxora Cyclamen

  • This cyclamen is great for tight areas as it has a compact growth hadit.
  • Maxora ia compact grower, producing large, florist-quality flowers from late fall on into spring.
  • Plants grow 10'-14' tall, and have a firm, upright habit.


  • Keep cyclamen in a cool location. 55-60 F is the ideal.
  • Indoors: Avoid vents, windows, extreme changes in temperature.
  • Outdoors: Filtered sun to shady location.
  • Spacing depends on variety, but it is good to plant cyclamen about 8-10' apart.
  • Make sure to plant corm (bulbous root part)about 1/16' above the soil to avoid rot.


  • Keep them moist - not soggy - and don't allow the soil to dry out completely. This will throw the plant into distress.
  • Don't water from the top, if possible. Always water at the base - this will help the root system develop, keep water off the leaves avoiding spots, and deter diseases.


  • Balanced water soluble (Miracle-Gro) or granular (Osmacote) is recommended for continual flowering. Follow directions on product.

In General

  • Pull spent blooms at the base level (near the bulbous root, or corm) instead of cutting. Same thing for any dead leaves.
  • Keep the area around the cyclamen (especially under the leaves) clean of debris. This will help the plant to avoid diseases.

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