Defluorinated Feed Phosphate (DFP)



Defluorinated feed phosphate (DFP) (Ca4Na(PO4)3) is a high-performance, ecologically pure feed additive for high-yielding animal production and poultry breeding with a high concentration of lemon soluble phosphorus form. DFP is non-hydroscopic and non-caking powder or granules, from light-brown to dark-brown color, and odorless. DFP is produced through hydro-thermo-acid reprocessing of apatite concentrate. DFP is used as milled product (grade “Р”) or in granules (grade “G”). DFP is applied for the improvement of compound feeds, including compound feeds for industrial culture of fish, and animals feeding with mixtures containing concentrates, ensilage, grass, milled root crops.

DFP has the following advantages compared to other mineral sources of phosphorus:

  • eliminates deficiency of calcium, phosphorus, sodium in organisms of agricultural animals at minimum concentration of heavy metals and harmful components;
  • promotes increase of fixated nutritive substances of natural food;
  • promotes hardening of animals and birds skeleton, positively increases shell quality of intensively egg-laying birds;
  • lemon soluble form of DFP is well soluble in the stomach even in case of gastric acidity, so, DFP may be used for youngster feeding with natural gastric acidity, and also at partial dysfunction of acid formation and secretion in the stomach;
  • there are no contraindications to application;
  • DFP was tested and received positive recommendations for use from lead scientific institutions. Product is certified and allowed for application.


Defluorinated feed phosphate is shipped in bulk or in 40 kg paper bags or 1000 kg big bags.


Shelf life – not limited.



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