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The Delilah Manure Spreader is a heavy duty spreader designed to handle all types of manures, FYM, semisolid, poultry litter, industrial sludges, composts, waste products etc. The unique design of the rotor and blade pattern allows you to spread all types of manures without the trouble and fuss of changing spreader decks. Based on years of spreading experience the latest rotor design and blade pattern on the Delilah allows you to achieve accurate spreading rates and the variable floor speed control allows you to choose your application rate and with the option of monitoring equipment you can be sure that your application rates are exactly as you expect. Trouble free running The Delilah has top quality bearings, bearing assemblies and bushings with easy access grease points, so your Delilah keeps working with minimal down time and the electronically balanced spreading rotors eliminate vibration during operation.

  • Wide angle PTO shaft with shearbolt protection
  • Rattle clutch on rear gearbox drive
  • Tapered body with 6mm floor and 4mm sides
  • One piece gearbox unit up to 248HP rating
  • utomatic light protectors with slurry door option
  • One piece gearbox unit
  • Variable floor speed control, pressure protected with reverse function
  • 4 Heavy duty floor chains (100 tonne breaking strain) with independent tensioning
  • 10mm thick continuous spiral rotors for maximum shredding and spreading up to 16 metres wide
  • 60mm floor drive shaft with self cleaning chain sprockets
  • Hardened rotor blades with break back stops
  • Tapered body 1.5m front and 1.6m rear width
  • 1.7m wide rotor spreading deck
  • Flared top rail for easier loading
  • Rigid pipework for hydraulic hoses
  • Twin floor drive gearboxes on D2150

  • Hydraulic slurry door
  • Composting doors
  • Sprung drawbar
  • Rear drawbar with lights and brakes
  • Greedy boards ( D2100 and 2120 only)
  • Electronic floor speed control
  • GPS Ground speed control with valve block
  • Fully automated weighing and recording equipment with GPS

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