- Triple Disc Mower



A solution by DEUTZ-FAHR to maximise productivity and minimise power consumption for lower running costs. The DiscMaster 390 requires just 120 HP to cut a swath 8.7 m wide. The wedge-shaped, low profile cutter bar is fitted with triangular three-blade discs. The clear space at the front of the cutter bar means that it can ride easily over obstacles and uneven terrain. The low profile cutter bar comfortably reaches right under the grass, preventing 'stripe' effects even when cutting very short.

Special 3-blade triangular disc configuration
For clean cuts with no stripe effects. All DEUTZ-FAHR cutter bars are fitted with an even number of cutter discs, which rotate in counter-rotating pairs for perfect grass expulsion. The three blades of the discs overlap for a clean mowing effect with no stripes.

High quality blades
Manufactured from superior quality tempered steel, the blades measure 4mm in thickness, vary from 105 to 115 mm in length and are reversible for increased durability. The blades are fastened by 12 mm bolts protected by a tempered ring.

Central suspension system
The central suspension system allows the cutting table unit to effectively float over the ground. This system is particularly effective when working on uneven terrain and for avoiding obstacles.

“Semi Swing” conditioning system.
which is based on an innovative working principle. Normally, the flails are oriented at an angle of 90° relative to the axis of the conditioner by centrifugal force. With Semi Swing flails, however, the lower part of the flail is arrested by the rotor at an angle of 60°, and the centrifugal force acts to counter the force exerted by the grass and maintain the flail at the right position at all time. The main advantage of the Semi Swing system is that it prevents the flails from bending back during usage. Semi Swing technology ensures excellent conditioning performance in all conditions. The angle and position of the special Semi Swing flails optimise the transfer of forage towards the drilled conditioner plate.

NON-STOP system
For superlative cutting table protection.
In the event of impact with an obstacle, the NON-STOP system lifts or moves aside to avoid the obstacle itself, and then automatically returns to its working position. This saves time and maximises productivity.

Transport position
The mower may be raised hydraulically into a vertical (100°) position directly from the driver seat to reduce overall size and projection when transporting. In the raised position for transport, the mower measures 3.00 m across and less than 4 m in height.

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